ATX Spotlight: Ben Millburn Preps Sunglass Moustache

The best thing about Ben Millburn is that very few acts, if any, sound anything like him here in Austin; that should bode well here, and hopefully beyond city limits. It would be easy to pigeon-hole this brand new single as something akin to psychedelia, and while I see that, there’s also this jazzier funk that underlies. Wrap that up in a blanket of pop influences and you get this amalgam of sonic touchstones that takes you on a journey into the future of music. You’ll find this number on the band’s new album, Sunglass Moustache, which the band are self-releasing on September 14th. Enjoy your own spaced out musical adventure below!

Static Diary Release Video for Phrase from Business

We’ve previously written about Scott Danbom‘s new project, Static Diary, and today we’re happy to share the animated video for album track “Phrase from Business.” It’s a delicate number from the get-go, with a bare piano accompanying Scott’s voice; that piano eventually leans into a heavier electronic pulse. Danborn’s voice has this certain fragility to it that’s intoxicating; it hits it’s peak as the song swell’s around the chorus. About two minutes in, the song surges into a heavy handed jam of sorts, fuzzy and ominous ’til the fadeout. It’s a gorgeous number, and you’ll find it on the Static Diary LP, which drops Friday.

And, if you happen to be in the Denton area, Scott and band have their release show at Dan’s Silver Leaf on Saturday night!

Brand New Track from Ladada

Ladada recently announced their long awaited debut album, Heaven on the Rocks, and today we’re happy to share the album’s second single with you. Immediately you’ll hear the band’s raucous throwback sound, made fresh with subtle hooks and bubbling movement from the rhythm section. What I like a great deal, and what gets the band lumped in with new-psych is there tempo switch, changing the direction of the song, albeit for a brief moment; it is light and sunny and sets up the band’s noisy shuffle to the song’s boisterous ending. You can preorder the new LP from Gold Robot Records; it drops in October!

Outerhope Prep Vacation for Shelflife

What better way to head into the weekend than to receive new music from Shelflife Records; this time they’ll be working with Filipino group Outerhope for their first ever US release. The project is comprised of siblings Michael and Micaela Benedicto, who’ve turned to dreamy electronica to capture hearts. The opening moments have this twinkling keyboard line working over atmospheric washes, then the percussive element picks joins in to up the speed just a bit. Already, you’re captivated by the energetic number before Micaela entered the picture to layer warmth atop the track with her voice; she’s got a soft approach to deliver, allowing notes to sort of drift off her tongue and into the ether. Shelflife never has a miss when they release albums, and it looks like they’ve got a spot-on winner with Vacation; it drops on August 10th (with several limited color editions!).

New Me Prep 7″ for Bleeding Gold

If you haven’t heard of New Me yet, that’s perfectly okay as the band’s fairly fresh to the scene. The band are currently in promotion road, as they have a 7″ coming your way fair soon, so we figured we’d give you a sneak peak. Upon pressing play, you’re met with a few quick sections of electronic pulses just before the guitars begin to dance around your eardrums. And then singer Jakob makes his presence known, presenting his deepened tones that at times share similarities with Spencer Krug. His performance aids to the dreamy element, almost haunting the track in a sense as it tries to keep pace with the frantic pace of the rhythm section. Energetic and dark, you’ll want to grab this 7″ before its gone; grab it HERE from Bleeding Gold before the August 31st release date.

Santiparro Releases New Single, Readies LP

  1. Way back in 2015, Santiparro released the spiritual folk masterpiece, True Prayer; I raved about it over and over. But, in about a month he’ll be releasing his brand new LP, The Talon, and we’ll gladly support the artist again. The below single is indicative of his markedly new approach this go round, branching out into new sonic territory through his close work with produce J Ashley Miller. The opening minute uses a guitar in the distance with some sort of electronic gurgling lurking as Santiparro lets his voice search for that spiritual high ground. Strings momentarily envelope the sound, and you can feel the song beginning to build into an extravagant pop opus. Not surprisingly, he still seems to be seeking a better world, for himself and for us…one of the many reasons I’m still drawn to his work. The Talon might be his bravest work to date, so be sure to keep a look out for it on August 3rd; pre-order HERE.

Brand New Jetstream Pony

It’s not every day you get to delve into the musical world of pop supergroups, but alas, that’s where we are with Jetstream Pony, a band composed of members hailing from acts like Trembling Blue Stars and the Wedding Present. In this new single, they toy with us, delivering a thirty second guitar intro, meandering through your speakers. Then the rhythm section jumps right in, and let’s face it, you’re immediately hooked on this track. The guitars have a jagged edge, but the song has this sugary sheen that’s leaps and bounds above any other purveyor of pop music at the moment. This excellent tune will appear on the group’s new Self-Destruct Reality EP, which is being released by the highly-regarded Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten; it drops in an amazing 12″ format you can find HERE.

Bombshell Nightlight Prep Debut LP

Jon Cardiello is the man behind Bombshell Nightlight, a bedroom pop operation crafted in the confines of a remote cabin in Montana. Placid Lake is the result of the time spent, and what a wondrous result. Cardiello’s voice is striking from the moment it enters, surrounded by this carefully meandering guitar line and careful percussion. It’s a gentle moment, but the track begins to build; you can feel the tension pushing you forwards. Supporting vocals lift Jon’s voice up high, crashing down just after the 2 minute mark with more purpose that establishes the track’s apex…then slowly it fades away into where it all began…a beautiful musical journey for any listener. Placid Lake will be released in August, courtesy of the joint efforts of Anything Bagel and Reflective Tapes.

Talkies Have a New LP and a Tour

Talkies have changed up the line-up slightly since their 2016 effort, Bright/Sunny, but one thing that always remains in the work of Ray Seraphin is his knack for crafting infectious melodies throughout. Our first listen to new work has a bit of a poppy fuzz to it; a natural throbbing bounce kicks the pace, with a guitar knifing it’s way into the mix from the background. Sort of reminds me of this band the Comas, or maybe a more rock-influenced version of Grandaddy…it’s fuzzy, but centered around Ray’s uncanny ability to incorporate a hook. Everything we’ve heard from the new LP shows a lot of maturity and polish, leading us to believe that Kowtow‘s going to be a must have album. The group drop the album on July 13th with a wild show at Barracuda that includes Sweet Spirit, Mean Jolene and the Donkeys…they’ll spend the rest of the month traveling out West. Yippee Ki Yay and Electrify Me Records will be handling the distribution of said record…so get your wallets ready. Keep an eye HERE for all the tour dates.

Jerry David DeCicca Releases Watermelon Video

Back in February Jerry David DeCicca released the very wonderful Time the Teacher to rave reviews. But, while he finishes up touches on his next record, he’s shared this wonderful video from his latest release for the single “Watermelon.” It’s the story of a watermelon, played by JDD himself, searching for his long lost watermelon child (featuring Canaan the dog); the entirety of the video was shot in Bulverde, Texas, where Jerry currently calls home. The song, well, it perfectly exemplifies why folks have gravitated to DeCicca’s music; it’s simplistic and personable, but always features theses delicate brushstrokes illustrating an artist’s craftsmanship. Time the Teacher is available now via Impossible Ark.


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