Premiere: New Track from Noble Son

I like the immediacy of this new track from Noble Son; it hits the listener right off the bat with its guitar circling the stomp of the drum work. A playful piano line adds an extra layer to the song just before Adam Kirschner delivers his first vocal line. He’s got a distinctive set of pipes, but I love the operatic power it holds the most, soaring above the mix in a marvelous fashion. It’s strange, but perhaps the best compliment I can offer this tune is that I never hear the same thing…at times I am attracted to the unfolding bounce, other times it’s the tinkering piano line…all pointing to an album of great promise. Joy in Violence will be self-released on March 30th, with a slew of Canadian tour dates around the release.

Premiere: Sean Morales Shares Weve Been Apart

Sean Morales has been working in the Austin music scene for some time, most notably as a member of James Arthur’s Manhunt. We now find Sean stepping out to craft his own debut, which is a stark contrast to JAM. Guitar notes are picked carefully at the start, so close to the mic that you can hear the strings if you put your ear to the speaker. Morales’ voice comes across like a whisper, barely willing to step over the guitar sound; he’s joined by an accompaniment at one point during the chorus. Then the song fades out with added textural layers and improvisation, rounding out the perfect vision that Sean’s created with this tune. You can expect the rest of his debut Call It In to follow suit; it’s being released by Super Secret Records this Friday.

Premiere: Generifus Ready Free Ways

Generifus is primarily the work of Spencer Sult, though he’s able to get by with a little help from his friends. At the moment, he’s ramping up the machine, anxiously to release his latest album Free Ways into the world. Today we bring you one of the album’s highlights; it wears a touch of similarity to Morby or Vile. Something in Spencer’s voice just sounds so friendly and personable, as if he’s been in your life for quite some time; perhaps you can also find that same quality in the lyrical content. Musically, there’s this remarkable underbelly to the guitar; it has this darkened tone that seems to work in contrast to promise in Sult’s voice…but I love it. The LP will be available on March 9th via Sultan Serves Records.

PreOrder the LP HERE.

Premiere Primitive Motion Release Feed the Signals Video

Bedroom Suck Records is one of our favorite labels, not just in Australia, but in general terms, and they reached out hoping we could spread the word on their first release of 2018: Primitive Motion‘s House in the Wave LP. This video exhibits the band’s creative spirit, whilst working with minimal instrumentation; on this song you have little more than piano and horns dominating the mix. Everyday images are used to express the natural beauty, in both the song and the world in which we live. Perhaps my favorite element, a benefit of live recording, is the slight buzz at times in the room where two recorded; it adds an intimacy that places you right inside the room itself. Look for the group’s new LP to drop on February 23rd.

Premiere: Puunhalaaja Drop New Tune


We’re all about to head off into the holiday quiet with our own personal listening stations and Spotify playlists, but before we all break until the new year, we wanted to drop this brand new track from Helsinki’s Puunhalaaja, who’ve we spotlighted before. What’s of immediate importance on this new recording is that Sebastian Forss has fleshed out his one-man band to include three new members. The move expands the band’s sound, as one would expect, but while the sound is fleshed out, it very much carries the spirit of the first album. You’ll hear a striking focus on the acoustic guitar, layered with strings, percussion and touches of the atmospheric…all leaving plenty of room for the beautiful vocals of Forss. Look for a new LP in 2018 from Soliti, and for now, warm yourself with this tune.

Premiere: Aimee Lay Releases Black Thoughts

If you don’t already have Aimee Lay on your radar, then turn up your speakers, press your ear real close, and get ready to get carried away by the intoxicating number below. Whilst spending her youth as the child of a Korean immigrant, Aimee sought solace in the musical world of classic girl groups and early psychedelia; that sound resonates in her songwriting here, though she has this delightful vocal turn during the chorus where she offers “goodbye, black thoughts.” It’s a subtle change in the voice, but perhaps one of the most striking moments of the tune. Her new album, The Other Side of You, will be out this Friday via Respectful Lust Records.


Premiere: Daddy Lion Announce New LP with Future Tense

For the last several releases, Daddy Lion has primarily been the work of founding member Jeremy Joseph, though that will all change now that’s he got a full band for Learn to Have Nothing and You Will Have Everything. There’s a softness to Joseph’s voice, sitting just behind the heavier tones of the guitars; occasionally they’re peeled back for a lighter tone before the emotional crash of the breakdown that comes in the song’s latter half. It’s reminiscent, to me, of early Longwave, reaching across the various genres of punk and new wave to craft a purely pop driven sound. The album will drop on January 26th, looking to fulfill the promise of this single.


Stream New John Hufford

Are you looking for something quiet today, something that speaks the spirit of humanity? Then stop here, have a listen to John Hufford and his new single. After a battle with Lyme disease, John took to penning songs in his home, in the vein of Elliott Smith and other like minded balladeers. But, on his latest release, he owns this quiet confidence that perfectly sets a balance in your day. There’s something warming in his vocal delivery, like a friendly whisper of encouragement giving you just a hint of light when needed. Soft guitar strumming and strong vocals always move us. Look for John’s Sleep EP to drop on December 15th.

Brand New Birds of Night

The last we heard from Denton’s Birds of Night was back in 2015 when the group released their self-titled album; we actually wrote about it quite a lot. Just the other day they dropped us a line to let us know they’d recorded a brand new jam, with an accompanying video. On this number you’ll hear some of the group’s psychedelic influences, but you might also note that they’ve taken up a heavier tone…like a world where Black Rebel Motorcycle Club crashes over at the house of Queens of the Stone Age. The video takes the live performance and combines it with some of those tripped out touches apparent in their tunes. As of now, this is just a one-off number…but let’s hope this means more jams.

Check the Video Premiere of Light Beams Desiring Creatures

Not too long ago, I was raving about the work of Light Beams, and they’re back with a new hit single to go feature on their split with Ian Svenonious new solo project, Escapism. I love the flash video work done on this new track; it seems to step right in long with the groove-laden track, pulsing as the vocals are released. I’m continuously impressed by the band’s minimalism, working with synth loops, bass and drums; it also encapsulates an evolving sound for those familiar with the band’s hometown of Washington DC (and singer Moyer’s other band, Puff Pieces). The split 7″ with Svenonious will be released on September 22nd via Lovitt Records…you can grab yourself a copy right HERE.

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