Digging This Priests Video

priests-by-audrey-meltonPriests are a group out of DC that have got a right riotous sound going for them. They’ve just announced the release of their debut full length album,Nothing Feels Natural, and with that announcement, they’ve given us a taste of the sound that we can expect from the band. What they’ve showed us on “JJ” is a track that begins en medias res and doesn’t stop rocking until it’s close. The drums really make this track– the percussion is a constant, evolving presence, from stark and strong to shimmery and heavy on cymbal crashes. Meanwhile, the vocals mirror this sort of transience from the band; one moment they’re pretty and neat, the next they’re snarling at you. Overall, it’s a solid rock track, and I’m looking forward to more from Priests. Watch below.


Show Preview: Ought @ The Sidewinder (5.20)

When More Than Any Other Day came out, I was amazed that more people weren’t clamoring for Ought. They were crafting artful punk out of mundane storytelling, providing commentary on the everyday world with a unique perspective that I, honestly, have found nearly unmatched. Then they offered up Sun Coming Down, which piqued a bit more interest, but still hasn’t garnered them the fandom they deserve. So Friday, do yourself a huge favor, head to the Sidewinder and witness something you aren’t likely to see anywhere else in town, or anywhere else in the larger music community for that matter. Check out the video from their latest release on Constellation Records, and join me Friday; US Weekly and Priests will be opening…doors are at 8 PM.