More from Private Victories

privatevictoriesJust a few weeks ago I was raving about how much I enjoyed Private Victories first single, “Heal You,” and I’m back again to praise the work of Grant Carey’s project. I’m still hearing bits of Jens Lekman in his voice, especially in his vocal changes. Still, the musicianship on this song’s quite enjoyable, moving in various directions throughout, yet all remaining focused. Man. On the fourth listen I started to hear Antony! I love how each turn brings up something familiar yet wholly unique. Looking for some musical discovery you’ll rave about for some time? Look for his self-titled album, Private Victories, next week, May 20th.

Something Different from Private Victories

privatevictoriesBoom. Tuesday is made! This song’s totally different than anything else I’ve gotten in days, and I’m totally in love with Private Victories…at least for the next few hours. It’s got that quirky singer-songwriter sensibility many associate with Magnetic Fields, although I think I hear a bit of Devendra Banhart too in the way the vocal notes are drawn out. Sometimes things get circular in the music that comes out, which is why I really love stuff that takes a step outside. Looking for something familiar, yet refreshing? Look for the self-titled debut to come out on May 6th.