Show Pics: Knifight Release Party @ Cheer Up’s (2/6)

Upload Knifight Release 04We are championing the locals. One of the bands we love is Knifight and while we sometimes think a few locals play too many shows, we cannot accuse Knifight of over-saturation. When we get a chance, we usually take it. Gothy, gazy, noisy, wavey, industrial and bad-ass, the band has a new album out, seven tracks that are given space to breathe progress.

To celebrate the album, Cheer Up hosted a show with GOST and ATH faves Night Drive to dance in the night. Head past the break and get a few thoughts and the usual batch of pics.

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Show Review: Crystal Stilts @ Red 7 (10.24)

Having followed Crystal Stilts since their inception, including their involvement with Cinema Red and Blue, it’s surprising that I hadn’t caught the band live yet.  But, Thursday night was going to change that, and my anticipation was riding high, after absorbing more and more of the group’s recent album, Nature Noir

Read on for my highlights on the night, including photos from Brian Gray.

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Show Review: Twin Shadow @ Emo’s (6/22)

Why? All I can do is ask why.

Twin Shadow was on my list of best shows last year. It was a sold out two night stand at The Mohawk. Confess had all the buzz in the world behind it. Fast forward to last Saturday and a group of about 1200 fans gathered to get another dose of George still touring on the strength of Forget and Confess. Unfortunately, this iteration won’t make my list of best shows. The band sounded amazing, but the lighting that must have seemed like a good idea at the time, just killed it for me (and not just because I take the photos).

Read on for thoughts on a surprising Elliphant and peep the pics of Twin Shadow in Projector Land…

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Show Pics: Tycho & The Album Leaf @ Red7 (9/7)

Friday was a busy night. On my agenda, Pujol, Ariel Pink, Tycho and The Album Leaf.

Tycho asked The Album Leaf join them (him) on tour. This is a seriously good bill for any fan of mid-to-down tempo, beautifully crafted songs. To get to see both on the same night was a treat. It was impressive that the show sold out despite being in the larger space outdoors at Red7. Quick polling told me that the crowd was actually half and half as to who they were there to see, maybe Tycho in the lead. I guarantee that both bands gained fans.

Click through for a few thoughts and plenty of pics. Projectors are fun.

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Show Pics: Jonquil @ The Mohawk (4/11)

Yes, more show pics.

I am still plowing through a backlog of photos from last week’s blitz of shows. This post features shots of Ladders, Jonquil and Keep Shelly in Athens playing the Mohawk’s inside stage after the Real Estate show. And you may notice the post title above being show pics of Jonquil even though they weren’t the headliner and the reason for that is Keep Shelly in Athens turned off the lights. The projected scenes lent for a moody atmosphere, but not-so-good for pics.

More show comments with the shots after the break…

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Show Pics: Islands @ St. David’s Episcopal (2/17)

Islands is an Austin Town Hall favorite. Nicholas Thorburn heads the band that creates a wide range of music, poppy in the beginning, maturing as the project continues. Islands came through Austin with Idiot Glee and decided to take a shot at hosting a show in the St. David’s Episcopal Church.

If you get the chance, go to a show in a church. It is all about the acoustics and the ambience. It’s just different.

How different? Read on, I’ll tell you and show you.

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