Playful Pop From Martian Subculture

It is yet another hot as hell day here in Austin, TX and I have yet another tune to hopefully brighten and soothe your incoming heat stroke. This new track of (ending) summer is called “All Emotions Are Equal” and comes by way of Limerick based outfit Martian Subculture. The man behind the music, Evan O’Malley, has a very Tame Impala way of doing things having record all of the musical parts on his own. What differs for me, and what I enjoy much more about this than TI, is O’Malley’s ability to create a super catchy, short pop ditty without all that disco influence. As things go, I am expecting we will all be hearing a lot more from this project in the future.

Stream The Hermits Self-Titled Album

We love putting out really amazing albums, really amazing ones. Just this week we’ve got the Hermits self-titled album dropping on a beautiful green cassette! It’s filled with these scuzzy pop songs that are bound to get stuck in your head from the minute you press play. You don’t believe me? Listen to “Ruby Red Summer,” a song so good it will ruin the rest of your day…as you’ll likely listen to nothing else. The band celebrate the release of the new LP this Thursday over at Cheer Up Charlies with The Oysters, Nevil and Being Dead. But, if you’re not in Austin, then by all means, stream the LP below…and head HERE to grab it from ATH Records. If you miss the album release, they’ll also be part of our ATH vs SOTO party on Sunday, March 10th at Hotel Vegas.

More From Hearty Har

Right around a month ago a band called Hearty Har from L.A. hit me up with some songs they were looking to get out into the world. Well, now song number two entitled “Radio Man ’56” is ready for your ever awaiting ears. This one is a great blend of Bowie style, mid-70s themed psych pop music. I’m also once again impressed with the tightness of the band and the overall quality of the performance. Well done once again.

ATX Spotlight: Hidden Ritual Share New Jam

unnamed-9A quick search tells me that we have somehow never shared any music from Austin based group Hidden Ritual. Today I fix this error by giving you their new track “Rat”. I’m immediately reminded here of some earlier Wolf Parade sounds if they went straight lo-fi pop. Hopefully that makes a little bit of sense to you music fans out there…. Either way, enjoy the track and share some love for Hidden Rituals.

This track appears on Always due out on October 21st via Monofonus Press.

Psych Pop Gem From Palm Honey

unnamed (5)Prior to writing this post I knew zero about Reading based Palm Honey, but I’m looking to get to know them starting right now. Let’s get to know them together with this enticing new single “Bones”. I’m reminded a bit of early MGMT stylings with quirky pop sounds and hints of psych rock. I’m expecting Palm Honey to be a household name here soon.

If you dig the tune, you can pick up a physical copy of the track on 7″ vinyl right now via Music Glue.

More From Echo Courts

unnamed (3)North Carolina based Echo Courts caught my ear last month with new single “Set Me Free” in all its psych pop glory. Well now the band has just released another new single entitled “Control” in preparation for their upcoming debut LP. This one is even brighter and sunnier than the previous single and I’m sure it will be making your end of summer playlist. I told you more of that would be coming your way right?

Debut LP In The Garden is coming on August 19th via Negative Fun Records.

Another New Elephant Stone Tune

elephantsCan’t really tell how many times I’ve offered up my thoughts on an Elephant Stone tune, but one can be assured that I’m definitely a fan of the band. They’re still holding onto elements of their psychedelic start, but you can also hear that the band’s been building their sound for some time, fusing more pop elements into the mixture. But, just because you throw in a little pop, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little psychedelic freak out in the middle. Just enjoy the warmth of the vocals here, then prepare yourself for their new album, Ship of Fools.

Drifting Psych Pop from Golden Daze

goldenBe it the cover or the song itself, everything about this track screams psychedelic nod. Lucky for Golden Daze the execution is pretty spot on, and has just enough of a hint of pop accessibility to push it into my stream of listening. There’s a steady drift to the track, coming in all directions from the vocals, guitar sound and the song’s overall pacing. Something pleasant breaks through the song in the end, begging you to play it again and again, which is always a positive sign for any listener. Look for the group’s debut self-titled album on February 19th via Autumn Tone.

No Joy Deliver Again

untitledNo Joy is a Montreal based band I’ve been into since the band first kicked off back in 2009.  A genre is difficult to come up with for the group as they mesh some of the best shoe gaze sounds with psych and pop elements.  Maybe you can come up with something better after you check out this new single “Hollywood Teeth”.  Labels or no labels, the band creates short yet memorable tunes.

Pick up new album, More Faithful, on June 9th via Mexican Summer.

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