Hearts and Rockets Share Buy It Video

Looking through our emails this weekend, I was stoked to see that our friends over at Psychic Hysteria had sent us a new video from Hearts and Rockets for their single “Buy It.” The tune itself is a driving bit of garage pop; there’s a definite bit of attitude, but the rhythm of the song allows you tap your toes and enjoy your own personal listening party. Guitar lines cutting through and offering a bit of sonic dissonance illustrate just how perfectly the Melbourne duo walk the line between edgy art and pop tendencies. If you’re doubting me, check out the TV is Boring EP, which features this jam below!

Loveboner Share POV: Your Stepdad’s at the Gay Bar (and He’s Doing Great)

Feel like kicking off Friday by throwing a little fun pop punk right in your face, courtesy of Australia’s Loveboner. The duo are prepping the release of their new record, Loveboner are Reinventing Oral Sex, which drops in June via Psychic Hysteria. It’s the sort of tongue-in-cheek fun you’d expect on an old punk CD on early Fat Wreck Chords, though they’re spinning it out with a little sincerity; the album deals with themes of trans identity, queer romance, homoerotic action movies, and of course, step-dads. You’re getting amped for the weekend, and Fridays are fun, so turn it up and sing along!

Skink Tank Announce New EP

Skink Tank is another of the great Melbourne acts on the rise, just announcing their self-titled EP this week! While it opens with a soaring vocal over a muted guitar bend, the song quickly moves into a communal pop song, as all three members join in on the joy of singing this song. For me, that’s really what keeps me coming back to the songs this lot are sharing; they’re finding joy in the most mundane of places, finding “something to wake up for” even when the world seems sort of grim. You’ve got to root for the band that claim to be a “wimpy pub rock band,” especially when the tunes lift your spirits like the hits here. Skink Tank EP drops on November 27th via Psychic Hysteria.

Catchy Ditty from Party Pest

One of the things I love about the post-punk period was the clarity and space allowed in the music; there were bands leaving all sorts of empty space in their songs. Sometimes they were filled with groovy rhythm sections, other times it was merely just a stylistic choice to really build the song’s tension. Aussie trio Party Pest seem to employ those standards, working with precision rhythm while focusing on those angular guitar notes; the vocals get delivered in that Kathleen Hanna-esque howl, the style that makes you scared and entranced all at once. The band will deliver their Happy Man/I Can Do Better 7″ on May 24th.

Turn Up This New Magpie

Pressing play on the latest track from Magpie, I almost expected the group to have swung over to the world of Black Sabbath; the riffs are definitely hard and heavy from this Melbourne outfit. But, beneath the rolling smog riffage is a bubbling pop curiosity, as well as an abundance of self-awareness. Singer Leish explains that the song came about as a way of expressing her guilt towards being white/middle-class in Australia; she spits it out in a venomous manner, perhaps the reason she says her songs are “incredibly therapeutic.” Into Space will drop on November 2nd via Psychic Hysteria.