Premiere: Quichenight’s New Single Is Here

quicheNot only do we get to jam this new Quichenight tune, but tomorrow we’ll get to celebrate the release of Camille’s Market, the brand new album from Brett Rosenberg’s project (the one he has outside of PUJOL). Listening to this track, you can kind of get that early garage rock feel that you got with bands in the late 00s like Harlem, but there’s a steady hand here, allowing the melody to really sink into the listener. Sure, I love the ramshackle quality, but when it’s taken calmly like this, it ultimately becomes more rewarding and deserving of repeated spins. Look for the record tomorrow via Cold Lunch and tell me how many times you play it in one sitting! This song just keeps spinning.

Get Rowdy With Pujol

PujolWhen looking for a little rowdy rock fun with some dashes of pop sprinkled here and there, one need look no further than Nasvhille based Pujol.  Long a staple on ATH, Daniel Pujol and his band of misfits create their own unique brand of rock n roll that can be called garage rock, punk rock, or even indie rock dependent on who you ask.  However you like to label the guy, you can’t deny his songwriting capabilities.  Today we have a new rowdy and rockin’ track to enjoy called “June Bug”.  This one appears on an exclusive Record Store Day release as a split single with fellow Nashville artist Meth Dad.

P.S. – Record store day is this weekend dummies.  You’re welcome.

Show Preview: Screaming Females @ Red 7 (Tonight)

screamingfemalesIt should be no surprise to anyone that we recommend this show to you, as every band that’s gracing the stage tonight has graced our pages on more than one occasion.  Screaming Females are the headliner on the evening, and Marissa Paternoster is probably one of the strongest women in rock n’ roll.  Her voice, her performance, it all comes from a tiny little body, and it’ll blow yo away.  PUJOL deserves some love too, bringing his garage rock stylings with a ferocity and catchiness all his own.  But, just because two huge traveling acts are bringing some noise, doesn’t mean Austin can’t hold its own.  The openers Crooked Bangs and the Midgetmen are two long-standing ATH faves, so please show up early to support our friends.  Tickets will cost you $14 at the door, which opens at 9 PM.


Download: Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It [MP3]


Another New PUJOL Track

pujolIt seems like it has been rather quiet on the PUJOL front lately, as I expected more people to be fawning over the musician’s new work.  His past work was well received, and I think this new single demonstrates the dynamic approach he’s taken with his writing on the new album, Kludge.  Rather than just push forward with pace, he slows things down, building the song around a nice melody.  He does go off into the noisy guitar solo near the end, but don’t let that detract from how great of a ballad this tune is.  You can pick up the new LP from Saddle Creek on May 19th.



Crunchy Rock from Concord America

concorThis song is “So Gay.” No, really, that’s the title of this track from Concord America.  The song is a crunchy guitar number, with riotous vocals and guitars swirling all over the place.  It makes for a jam you just want to turn up real loud in the speakers, in an effort to grasp the fun that the band seem to have had in making such a tune.  For fans of bands like So So Glos and Pujol, you better get ready to have another band on your radar that’s going to be part of your regular listening rotation.  Their Suns Out Guns Out EP will be available on May 27th via Post Echo.

PUJOL Continues His Garage Pop Career

pujolYou’ve likely heard about PUJOL on these pages before, as we’re always clamoring for whatever new music Daniel Pujol is working on. He just announced that he’ll be releasing KLUDGE, his newest album,on May 20th with Saddle Creek.  The Nashville artist still holds onto his DIY garage aesthetics, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that his songwriting is taking a liking towards a more pop-centric writing style.  It doesn’t hurt his songs though, as you’ll clearly see this one as just another hit from one of our favorite songwriters.


Download: PUJOL – Pitch Black [MP3]

5 Bands To See @ Fun Fest: Friday

Fun Fun Fun Fest is here everybody!  As excited as we know everyone is, it’s important to have some sort of plan before you head out to the festival each day.  Before you head out, we thought we might give you some recommendations for the day just in case your head is about to explode when trying to decide who you should see.  We shall alleviate your pain with the top 5 bands you should make a point to see each day.  Now this is by no means a conclusive list and all festival goers should check the full lineup to accomodate their discerning taste.  In our mind, these are five bands that you don’t dare miss today!  Follow the jump for Friday recs.

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Show Pics: Pujol @ Stubb’s (9/7)

Final bit of catch up from last Friday. Pujol played Stubb’s.

In a way, Slash opened for them. The outside was over run by rock and/or roll played loudly, Myles Kennedy a far better technical vocalist than that guy with funny hair and a cat face that wrecked GnR. Cell phones abounded for the rousing closer, “Paradise City”. …and then Pujol started playing inside.

Quite a few partiers came in from outside to check out the Nashville trio, hearing the big power jams about home and girls and stuff. So peep the pics and read a couple more words after the break.

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Friday Austin Show Spotlight! Must See Acts!

Man, it’s that crazy time again, and it’s only going to keep coming as we move into the fall concert season.  There’s tons of acts all over town that you’ll need to get out and see, so here’s my spotlight of all the best traveling AND local bands in town Friday night:

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Moon Diagrams, Bodyguard @ Mohawk — 15 Dollars

Tycho, Album Leaf @ Red 7 – 14 Dollars

Pujol @ Stubbs – 8 Dollars

Tacks the Boy Disaster, Good Field, JC & Co, BelAire @ Beauty Bar 

Here’s some tracks by Ariel Pink and Pujol to get you in the mood! See you out on the town Friday night.

[audio:] [audio:]

New Jam from PUJOL

When we caught PUJOL at SXSW this year I was surprisingly energetically his set came off; he was more punk rock than garage pop.  But, as the date draws near for the release of his United States of Being, which hits on June 5th via Saddle Creek, it seems that he’s going to show a bit more restraint on his recorded material.  There’s a gruffness to his vocal performance, but he’s not banging out the song like when we caught his live set.  This isn’t a bad thing, and if anything, it only ups the ante on his shows…giving audiences a full dosage of energy and pop.  Check out the new single.


Download:PUJOL – Providence [MP3]

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