Gutter Girls Drop New Single

When things go a little too pop, I always try to balance that, so I’m lucky that Melbourne’s Gutter Girls dropped this brand new ripper to squeeze into today’s coverage. From the get-go, the group jump right in letting those jagged guitar chords rip through your speakers. The vocals come in, howling atop that heavy punk sound, controlling the listener from the moment you press play. There are some gang vocals tossed in, doubling down on the band’s tenaciousness, which I can only imagine translates to a great ball of energy in the live setting. So, if you need a little rock n’ roll palate cleanser, have at it folks!

The Spits Return with VI

I’m always down to listen a new record from the Spits; it only seems fitting that they announce a new record during the month of October, as they’ve always had this sort of spooky element to their sound. Buzzing guitars drive the song, almost marching towards the track’s finished on the back of precision drumming. There’s this dense fuzz encircling this tune, building in that sort of suffocating feeling while the vocals howl from deep within the cavern of the song. Any day you get one new track from the Spits is a plus, but a second one can be heard hopping over HERE. VI will be out on October 30th!

Radical Kitten Share Shitty Questions

Really been enjoying listening to Silence is Violence, the forthcoming LP from France’s queer punk trio, Radical Kitten. Today they’re sharing “Shitty Questions” with us, and so we’re sharing it with you as you likely don’t have the band on your radar as of yet. They offer up this angular punk sound out of the gate, but they get a little more creative as the song pushes forward, blasting forth in explosive noise before letting the dust settle to wrap the song up. I love the call and response style of the vocals too, with both voices sort of balancing one another; its abrasive in the absolute best way possible. Look for Silence is Violence courtesy of the efforts by the following: Attila tralala Araki Records Domination Queer Records Gurdulu La Loutre par les cornes Mon Cul Cest du Tofu Retratando Voces Stonehenge Records Uppercat Records Hidden Bay Records AB Records Seitans Hell Bike Punks Tomaturj .

Big Bill Share Death to the DNC

Our friends in Big Bill have long been concerned with societal values, and while that’s largely the message in their newest single, this one’s even more political in nature…a direct attack on the DNC. The song came to the brain of guitarist Cody whilst watching the Iowa caucus debacle…so the band rushed to record this catchy punk anthem for you as quickly as they could; this is a matter of national importance! So, while they work on their new album, they want you to hear this jam with all proceeds going to their chosen candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Fresh Jam from Rad Gnar

Rad Gnar is one of the new local Austin acts making waves on our end; there’s some ATH lineage too, as the band features one of the Ben’s of Basketball Shorts. But, while there’s some punk ethos working through the song’s lyrical content, you’ve also got to catch on to the hook-laden riffs tearing through your speaker walls. And, if you know Ben, you know of his allegiance to the cult of Built to Spill, which definitely plays a role in his songwriting here, using those riff structure and weaving them through the fabric of emo/punk. Rumor has it that there’s an EP on its way really really soon!

Emotional Response Announce Typical Girls Vol. 5

Every year, Emotional Response brings us a collection of the best female led punk and indie, with a nod to the Slits in the compilation’s title, Typical Girls. Today we bring you news of Volume 5 with a great track from Color TV; it’s a pop rock gem heavy on hooks, with a huge chorus that’s destined to find itself engrained in your brain for the rest of the day. The rest of the compilation bounces around the globe bringing hits from the likes of Spain’s Linda Guilala, Australia’s Slag Queens and Scotland’s Vital Idles…not to mention about 12 other acts you should have on your regular rotation. Typical Girls Volume 5 will be out via Emotional Response on February 21st.

Raucous New Single From GURU

We’ve previously mentioned the Brighton group GURU and their knack for loud guitars and growling vocals. Well the boys are back at it again, this time with a loud, raucous single called “Fixation”. For this one, the band do manage to slow things down at spots in the song for a more swing, or post-punk type sound. Those elements paired with the group’s usual snarling vocals and fast paced energy create a truly inspired song. I’m sure we will be sharing more from these guys as the information reaches us.

Punky Number from M. Rutt

I have little knowledge of M. Rutt other than the below little jam. I know that the band has, at one time, employed members of Freak Genes, likely meaning they’re based in the UK. That this single is associated with Nerve Centre Records is another factor aligning with that supposition. As for the song, it’s a riotous blast of energetic punk rock. There’s an anthemic chorus, if you can even call the repeated call of “take take take” a proper chorus. The tune shatters and shakes and then it wraps up. I might not know much, but I know I love a good rock n’ roll jam.

Stream Stand by Your Bill from Big Bill

We’re really happy for our friends in Big Bill who have released their debut LP Stand By Your Bill into the world today. Long favored by Austinites in search of something different in their punk rock, the band step up their game with their best collection of songs to date; I’d buy this LP for the opener alone. But, they’re not a one-trick pony, as songs like “Baby Go Wah” illustrate, offering up a slow burning homecoming dance number. If you’ve got a minute, give it a spin or two or three!

Fresh Big Bill Tunes

If you were living in Austin, you might (or should) have heard this brand new track from Big Bill on 101x Homegrown. But, in case you missed it, or you don’t live in Austin, then you should give a listen to some of our town’s best punks mixing things up with their latest hit. For the first 1.45 minutes, the band flesh out their sound by slowing things out, flexing the track with some saxophone. But, soon the tune erupts unmercifully in a rapturous closing that you’d only get from the Bills. Just another stop on the BB train while we wait for the group to release what we expect is a stellar new LP.

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