Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.25 – 10.29)

Hopefully you’re all waking up a little groggy from celebrating Halloween with your neighbors and friends…or your kid. So we’re here to ease you into the week by offering up a quick little playlist to recap what came our way last week, in case you missed it. Be sure to give a listen to new music from Rachel Love (Dolly Mixture) and Lewsberg, both who released great albums last week. We start off with the recent banger from Clear History, so make sure your speakers are adjusted appropriately. Happy Monday!

Rachel Love Shares The Long Way Round (Drops New LP!)

Rachel Love, formerly of Dolly Mixture, has been teasing us throughout 2021 with pop breadcrumbs from Picture in Mind, her new LP. Today is the day we finally get to hear the whole thing in full, and why not celebrate that by sharing another one of the great focus tracks from the record. This one’s all about using subtle musical structure as a vessel for the voice. You get these little electronic flourishes, bobbing in and out of your speaker, twinkling at times in front of the snappy rhythm section. Then Rachel just lets her voice float, and its never sounded as heavenly as you might hear here. This is one of the best surprises pop fans have gotten this year, so spend some time with this track…and album!

Rachel Love Shares Down the Line

Okay, Rachel Love has actually shared “Down the Line” in the past, with her band Dolly Mixture (hear that version), but in the re-recorded version for her debut solo album, Primrose Hill, you’ll hear some slight changes. The original had a heavy strum to it, which seems to be almost completely removed in favor of creating this dense dreamscape; the removal also seems to slow the song down, allowing for Love’s melodies to blossom in the mix. All in all, the song feels like it captures this timelessness you might only get from a black and white movie, so if you like your pop click play below. Primrose Hill will be out this June!

Rachel Love Releases Primrose Hill Video

You might remember Rachel Love when all of us were clamoring to get our hands on one of the few copies of her band Dolly Mixture‘s remastered works a few years ago. Now, Rachel’s out on her own, and she’s offering up this really powerful pop ditty. It’s the sort of pop that borders on the edges of classic doo-wop and chamber pop; it’s the super hard not to get swept up in those string arrangements and light vocal flourishes (which feature her son David btw!). I have a feeling this song will be playing over here for the rest of the day! Look for Primrose Hill to drop later this summer via Cow Chow Records.