ATX Spotlight: Pleased to Meet You, Daphne

I’m clearly a big fan of Santiago, who writes tracks for Growl and Rain Collectors, but he’s been quietly working on a new project, Daphne. Today, he shared a video of himself playing one of these delightful new tracks. Aside from the quality of the video, I’m partial to hearing Santiago’s voice with it’s little vocal inflections as he chases after higher notes. No word on a release in the long run, but why not just be grateful we’ve got more great music from one of Austin’s best.

Edsiyn Session | Daphne “All My Life” from Edisyn House on Vimeo.

ATX Spotlight: Spot On Folk From Rain Collectors

raincollectorsSo, the folks over at Side One Track One got the premiere of this track,but it’s too damn good to not spread the love over here as well. We’ve loved ATX’s own Rain Collectors, or Santiago Dietche and Blair Robbins, for a while now, and have grown quite fond of their stripped down folksy duo sound. This new track, “Lately,” is every bit as lovely as what we’ve heard thus far from these two. Once again, they’ve put out a stunning example of a duet, their voices melding together as one in harmony. Check it out below.


Show Pics: 3 x 3 Series @ The Mohawk (8/31)

Rain CollectorsWe were lucky enough to find a way to get three local bands paid, get staff paid and treat everyone to a solid lineup for supah cheap. You have to love it when a plan comes together.

The Mohawk was kind enough to host our first 3 Bands for $3 along with sponsorship from Sailor Jerry. Drink specials were had, jams were played, jokes were told, new friends, old friends, everything we love about “the scene”. All the while, we had this great soundtrack from Twin Bitches, Rain Collectors and Que Pasa. I grabbed the Df, set it to monochrome and mounted the trusty 40/f2 Voigtlander to document the happenings on stage. Click through for pics a plenty.

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3 x 3 Show Reminder @ Mohawk — Tonight

3for3AugustI get it. Mondays are always a struggle. But, far too often we give up, thinking we just gotta hold on until the weekend.  Well, I’m going to rage against the dying of the week, and remind you to join me and everyone else for the first 3×3 Series. Three bands, three bucks. It won’t even go too late, so you can get home and still get at least 6-7 hours of sleep…or more. Twin Bitches go on at 9, Rain Collectors at 10 and Que Pasa at 11. It’s three bucks, a dollar a band. I’d love to see you at Mohawk tonight.

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Monday is the 3 x 3 @ Mohawk

3for3AugustThere’s been a lot of hubbub about the Austin music dying, so I got together with some friends over at Mohawk to try a different approach.  We scored a sponsorship from Sailor Jerry, and now we’re throwing the 3×3 Series.  It means you pay 3 bucks for 3 bands, and all money made at the door goes directly to the artists.  This week we’ve got a killer line-up to kick it off with Twin Bitches, Rain Collectors and Que Pasa.  Even if you only know one of the bands on the bill, they deserve your three bucks, and you might just find another band to love. Or, come enjoy all the great drinks at Mohawk. Since it’s Monday night, we also wanted to kick off the show semi-early.  Doors are at 8 PM and bands go on at 9.  See you there!

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ATX Weekend Show Preview

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIt’s that time again…the best part of the week: its end! As always, we’ve got the head’s up for y’all as to where you should spend you evenings (and afternoons) this weekend. I’ve broken it up by day, and our ATH approved choice is in bold, although any option on the list should surely be a good time. You can also check out some songs from our recommendations at the bottom of this post. Have a good weekend and get out and support your local clubs and bands.

Find all the details after the jump.

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ATX Spotlight: More New Rain Collectors

rainWe were fortunate enough to premiere the first Rain Collectors single of the year, and now the charming Austin duo has another tune for you all to enjoy. Santiago, who plays in other well-known ATX acts like Growl takes the lead for the opening moments of the track, then trading places so Blair, of AMA, can come in and do her thing…only for the two to unite during the chorus.  Honestly, there’s probably lots of little musical nods they’re making, but you can’t pinpoint just one sound, making the group sound utterly refreshing whilst still feeling wholly familiar. Let’s keep our focus on these guys as they continue to charm their way into our constant listening rotation.



ATX Premiere: Rain Collectors Release Single

rainyThere’s an old guard in the Austin music scene, filled with bands who’ve been playing together for years.  But, at some point the youngsters in town are going to take over, which is where we find Mr. Santiago and Ms. Blair, the duo working together as Rain Collectors.  Both artists have their own acts, Growl and AMA, respectively, but they step outside of these two projects to craft gentle folk music together.  Their new single relies upon very few lyrics, choosing instead to revolve the emotional pull around the tune’s structure, filling in empty space with piano and drums to add extra textures to the track.  For those worried about when the talent in Austin will run out, rest assured, there’s new territory being explored by the young guard, and Rain Collectors is one of those acts to keep an eye on; look for a new EP later this year.