Slumberland Announce Single Series

As Slumberland Records enters into its 30th year with a wave of fantastic releases, there’s only one way they could could up the ante…they could release a remarkable Singles Series! That’s just what’s happening, with two new songs leaked out for you all to sample in order to make a wise consumer decision. The first single is from Rat Columns, who’ve been featured in these meaningless pages many a times; I love the understated beauty in this song…it seems reserved and wistful. Then the other bit of great news is that the label has finally gotten The Suncharms pinned down for a release that will be included in the series. Sample the songs below, and, if like me, you would probably buy whatever the label released anyways, get a head start by Subscribing HERE.

New Music from Rat Columns

Perhaps there’s no greater joy for a blogger than to watch a band you love, such as Rat Columns, blossom into something you can tell you’re going to obsess over for years to come. This new single from their album Candle Power is honestly one of the favorite things I’ve stumbled upon this month; it’s got this relaxed indiepop vibe with twinkling bits of bells bouncing through the mix. There’s even a classic rock n’ roll guitar line cutting through in the distance, popping up between verses. Upset the Rhythm release the album on April 1st, and I’m going to love it from that day forth.

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Rat Columns Announce New EP + Video

I’ve really enjoyed Rat Columns work since the release of their last album, Leaf.  So, I’m excited that there’s something new coming out from the Australian camp, even though we’re really just getting an elongated version of a previously recorded track.  Still, watching this video, you can see (and hear) exactly why the band is quickly becoming one of the more revered acts around, especially here at the ATH offices. Plus, the flip side of their Fooling Around EP will have 3 new tracks, so you’re bound to hear something tasty.  It’ll get a July 31st via Blackest Ever Black.


Nice Vibe from Toner

tonerYou follow the right people long enough, and eventually you get turned on to some really good things, thus how I came to discover Toner.  They were mentioned in passing as a more crystalline Rat Columns, so of course I rushed to check them out.  My two cents might see them playing in the same musical space as early Literature, though with a little bit more sprawling noise to their sound…on this track they rush to the punch, then pull back to close it out.  The debut self-titled LP from the project will be out on April 7th, but like I said, you should sample it now.



Fresh Tunes from Rat Columns

ratcolumnsI haven’t written about Rat Columns in quite some time, but stalking the great Sydney label RIP Society proved fruitful last week when I found that they are soon to release the next record from the RC, Leaf.  This is the first single, and while the wash of keyboards might heavily influence your decision to love or hate this track, I suggest you digest the great guitar work going on within the tune.  There’s an urgency in the playing that’s really hard to ignore, and while it holds a certain sense of edginess, it’s wrapped in this sensible pop overcoat.  You can find a video for the track HERE.

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Old Jam from Rat Columns

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}It’s been really slow around the email world lately, and nothing was really pushing my hair back, so I just opted to spend my entire weekend cruising the back catalogues of the Internet.  One of the jams that I really love is this tune below from Australia’s Rat Columns.  Personally, I love the sound of the guitar alone, but combined with the natural energy of the group, it’s just a rad song all around.  Kind of makes me wonder where the great American guitar pop bands have gone.  Anyways, you can grab some copies of their Sceptre Hole LP from Smart Guy Records.

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