Party Pics: Council Meeting @ ND (2/3)

There was another Council Meeting at The North Door and it just so happened that friends of ATH, The Great Nostalgic and Tiger Waves, were playing through the curtains. What a lovely way to spend an evening; playing jams and shooting jams being jammed. Lots of jamming, in fact. Jam has become our favorite thing.

Tasty drinks, booty drops, plenty of extras joining in because of multiple birthdays. You may have missed it, but it was documented for posterity. Click through…

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ATH Council Meeting @ the North Door (This Friday!!!)

It’s that time again; time for your favorite local DJs to play the hits all night long!  We’ll be gathering with our friends over at the North Door on Friday night to dance, sing and have an all out good time.  Pretty sure you’ll enjoy at least half the songs we’ll play, and if not, then you can at least enjoy the excellent beverages and the tasty grub from Tamale Molly.  We’ll start kicking things off around 8, and I’m sure we’ll be throwing down until close, or later.  Oh, and if you’re a fan of the site and live in Austin, you need to be there to help us celebrate our writer RayRay’s 29th birthday. He only has one more year until he’s officially old, so let’s start him off the right way.


Download: The Exploding Hearts – You’re Black and Blue [MP3]