New Pop from Reaches

One thing that’s irked me about recent electro and techno too is the tension seems ever more important; there has to be that hook and that emotional release for the listener. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the approach for Reaches, which is establishing itself as a more exploratory version of the modern electronic music. You can tell by the time stamp alone, it’s stretching over 5 minutes, allowing for built in layers, minor flares and musical brush strokes that bubble and pulse, bringing us all to life. By the time the vocals enter the picture, you’re already entranced, and the vocals come across like a communal chant, calling you to become part of the song. The new album is titled Wherever the Internet Goes, Sorrow Follows; it’s being released by We Be Friends on March 29th. The band will be working down the East Coast during February, and popping up in Austin for SXSW.