Red Telephone Share Another New Tune

Late last year I wrote about discovering Red Telephone and how I didn’t really think there was anyone writing pop music through this lens; I stand by that today as they share another new tune. It sort of begins with this ominous haunting from Declan’s voice and these dark drum rolls. Still, the group’s every bit a pop band, so the song sort of builds gradually, letting the vocals match the group’s emphatic stomp to the apex of the Mt. Pop before the guitar slinks in with a heavy solo. There’s nothing quite like this band, for me at least, and I can’t stop listening to them.

Beautiful Pop from Red Telephone

You’ve got to sit down and tune in, particularly if you’re a fan of classic pop sounds. No one, well mostly no one, is doing it like Cardiff’s Red Telephone. I was struck immediately by Declan Andrews voice, working somewhere in that Bowie/Bolan range, though I think Andrews has a sharper ear for vocal melody. The rest of the band does their job, crafting a bright pop bounder that seems as timeless as it does, with just the slightest hint of modern psychedelia entering the picture. Probably one of my favorite tracks of the week, to be honest. Look for the band’s new single on October 19th via Libertino.