The Gerbils Get Reissue Treatment

Amidst all the playlists and streaming platforms we often forget out history, our heroes. One such grouping, and one adored by so many, is Elephant 6. They’ve kept a low profile while we’ve all fawned over “premieres” and festival sets by DJs…but they’re making waves once again. They’ll be releasing some new music, but also going back and unleashing some old gems, like this Gerbils LP, Are You Sleepy. The band featured several members of Neutral Milk Hotel…but listening below and you’ll hear they had a sound all their own. Some of the guitars even feel like they’ve got that Flying Nun churning guitar sound, while the fuzzy pop sensibility offers up its own charms. This reissue will be out on August 9th, and you can order it HERE; it’s time we all go back to our heroes.

Another Revisit with Possible Humans

Everyone raved about Everybody Split when it came out, but it was a super limited release for Possible Humans, barely making its way overseas. Now, however, we’re all getting a chance to get our hands on that heralded LP, thanks of course to Trouble in Mind. Today they’ve shared a video for “Lung of the City,” which mostly features live footage lurking on the horizon why we’re shown footage of a graveyard; it matches the ominous tone of the song’s lyrics…while it’s okay to not be scared to die alone, it’s ultimately an inevitability. I love how this song just sits really open; there’s that vocal hook of the chorus, but most of the track’s about the band’s ability to flex their musical muscles. The reissue of the LP will be out on August 2nd.

Scrunchies Set to Reissue Stunner via FA

One of our favorite labels at the moment, among the many is Forged Artifacts; they just announced that they’ll be jumping back into the vinyl game by reissuing Stunner by Scrunchies…an album they tossed out on cassette last year. It’s a collection of 9 powerful pop rockers, some toying with pop sensibility while others have a touch more abrasiveness driving the record. I know that “Stunner” is the obvious hit, but I’ve always been partial to “Double Vision;” I just love that bass line opening things up. Take a listen to the whole of the album, then grab a copy from FA right away!

Vee VV Get the Reissue Treatment

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Internet is that it has allowed us to reconnect with lost mates, or uncover hidden gems in the music realm…and perhaps that’s what we’re getting with this reissue from Manchester act Vee VV. Below we have one of the band’s earliest singles (1983), offering up a choppy post-punk vibe; I love how the guitar cuts across the bouncing bass line, while that matter of fact vocal delivery is always sharp. It sort of reminds me of pop version of Gang of Four…that is until they start to explore with their musicianship in the song’s latter half, settling back in for a final groove to the close. Like post-punk? Like Factory Records (Tunnelvision and Section 25 in particular)? Then you’ll want to keep an eye on EDILS, as they’ll be handling the band’s reissue in early 2019…but the single is available this week!

Carpark Records Reissue The Beths

Why not keep things in the Oceanic region for the day. Today we get news that Carpark Records will be reissuing The BethsWarm Blood EP. It was originally released back in 2016, but sometimes it takes awhile for great bands to make themselves known overseas. It’s a great release, especially considering that it takes on a more pop college rock vibe, as opposed to the jangling sound most commonly known for the region. Reissue old issue, whatever, these are 5 songs to make your day a little better. Here’s to hoping that this reissue means a brand new LP is in the works around the corner.

Celebrate Hefner’s Debut 20 Years Later

If you have spent any time at all on this site, you surely are aware of my affinity for

, and all his projects. Most recently, it’s been with the Hayman Kupa Band, but it all began with a band called Hefner. It’s possible that they were too far ahead of their time, featuring twanging jangling guitars, clever wordplay and hooks you can’t avoid. WIAIWYA, one of my fave labels in the UK just announced they’ll be re-releasing Breaking God’s Heart, the band’s debut LP. Give this song a listen, and perhaps you’ll see why 20 years on there’s still a huge interest in the band and their work. The reissue drops this July!

The Triffids Reissues Come Out Friday

I spent the first few days of my break finishing off “Grant and I,” which mentioned the Triffids as one of the other early Aussie acts that influenced the country’s musical landscape. I’d only listened to the band casually, as they weren’t as dear to me as the Go-Betweens, but I’m really excited for the reissue of Treeless Plain and In the Pines this Friday. I love the way the band seems so relaxed in their songs, seemingly foretelling the country’s flare for casual pop. Here’s a little ditty I’ve been enjoying over the last few days to hopefully pique your interest and have you revisiting the band’s catalog along with these reissues.

Bedroom Suck Records to Reissue Good Morning

I’m not typically one to get into the reissue game, as far as posting goes, but I feel like Australia’s Good Morning has been vastly overlooked…though I pointed them out here long ago. Luckily, the good folks over at Bedroom Suck Records will be re-releasing the band’s Shawcross and Glory EPs on one 12″, with additional singles like the delightful pop tune lurking on the pages below. To me, this feels like what’s really going on down in Australia, offering sublime pop sensibility in a casual manner that begs for listen after listen. Look to get your hands on a copy come July 7th.

Unreleased Bonus Track on New Clem Snide ReIssue

clemI’ll be honest here, and admit that I haven’t thought about Clem Snide in ages, though I put “Ice Cube” from 2001’s The Ghost of Fashion on many a mixtape. They seem like one of the bands that impacted so many, then quietly walked off the stage. Luckily, HHBTM Records is reissuing You Were a Diamond, the band’s 1998 masterpiece. The album, and the group, were one of the first group’s that really got me to refocus on the writing of lyrics; I love Eef’s wordplay in everything he’s released. There’s also a raw realness on the record, in a time before reverb and lo-fi were reintroduced as fads. It’s as honest a collection of songs as you’ll find these days, so look for the reissue on November 18th.

Classic Aussie Pop from The Cannanes Gets ReIssued!

cannanesEveryone that adores indiepop, or Aussie tunes, should now stand up and clap for Chapter Music. The Australian label are reissuing A Love Affair with Nature from the Cannanes; they aren’t settling there, as the new reissue is a picture disc, new liner notes, and a collection of bonus tracks from the early singles. Listening now, you’ll probably realize that the band’s mark is omni-present in much of the indiepop of today, which just goes to show how timeless the songs from that album truly are. Probably your first chance to get your hands on the LP version since the 90s, unless you’re getting luck with Discogs or Ebay, so grab your copy on September 16th.

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