Genuine Leather Drop New Single + Release Show

We’ve long been behind Austin act Genuine Leather, but the group has been fairly quiet since the release of Brunch in 2016. But, today they return with a brand new single and celebratory show at Cheer Up Charlies. The new song has a horror-themed video to accompany it, with just a bit of fun added in to match the song’s pop desires. Just sit back and let those crunchy guitars burst through your speakers, wait for the vocal hooks to wash over you, then rinse and repeat. The band celebrate the new single with a great line-up at Cheer Up Charlies featuring Shivery Shakes, Pollen Rx and Robby; the band will have some old school TVs up to, streaming the new video with headphone sets attached for your listening pleasure.

AMA Ready New EP

AMA are already one of our favorite acts here in Austin, and they reached out to drop us a fresh track and news of their Trilogy EP. Our journey begins with a fuzzy riff riding the wave of crashing cymbals before singer Blair coyly slides right into the song. Her performance has her sitting back ever so slightly in the mix while the riffs echo through your speakers. It’s a crunchy rock number that rivals the best of like minded acts, offering heavy riffs balanced by melodic vocals…and more than enough DIY spirit to prove to your friends how cool they are. The band is currently on a short tour, culminating in an Austin release show on March 9th over at The Electric Church.

Premiere: RG Lowe Drops New Single + Release Show (2/2)

Last year RG Lowe stepped out of the limelight of Balmorhea to begin crafting an R&B influenced album, Slow Time, which was met with rave reviews. He’s already back with a brand new single for Western Vinyl, and you can stream the A-side of the release below. You’ll marvel at the power of his voice, and delight in the little guitar lines moving just beneath the front of the mix. To celebrate the release of the single, RG Lowe will be playing a ridiculously stacked bill over at Sahara Lounge. His labelmate Caroline Says will be playing, along with perennial ATH favorites Taft and Batty Jr. Plus, it’s an early show, so you can roll right over after that work happy hour; Doors open at 7:30, with music kicking off at 8. See you there!

Celebrate the Release of Blushing’s Weak EP @ Cheer Ups (1/27)

We’re really really excited to kick of the label side of ATH with our first release of 2018: Blushing‘s Weak EP. It’s a heavy dose of dreamgaze gems, all organized into a handy 12″ record. Several tracks have already garnered raves from the likes of DKFM Radio to the esteemed Gold Flake Paint, so clearly they’ve got something you need. Plus, if you’re in the Austin area, you can catch the band live at their release show at Cheer Up Charlies on Saturday night. It’s a pretty solid bill, with Ringo Deathstarr and Single Lash among bands filling the evening out. Just because we love you, we’re streaming the album below for you, in advance of its Friday release. You can grab the vinyl version HERE or the tape HERE.

Stream Self-Titled LP from Little Mazarn

Don’t have too much time to develop an elaborate post about how much I’m really enjoying Little Mazarn‘s debut for Self Sabotage Records, but I feel that it deserves to take us into the weekend several reasons. First, this is probably the last Austin-based LP being released in 2017…and what a great way to cap off our city’s output. Second, the band is celebrating the release with a huge show over at Central Presbyterian with Twain; it’s probably going to be a packed house, so you have no excuse to miss out! Just enjoy the wintry weather, and let this LP take you into the weekend.

Sour Notes Release Darkest Sour This Friday

Austin’s The Sour Notes have been fairly quiet, but all that will change when the band drop their new record, Darkest Sour, this Friday over at Hotel Vegas. They’ve shared this great little album promotional video, which seems to show the band delving into the realms of dreamy pop, fitting for the matching imagery in the video. If you want to preview the band’s live set, they’ll be over at KUTX doing a taping at 8 (Tix HERE). Not sold yet? Just check out the amazing line-up they’ve slung together: A Sinclair, Duncan Fellows and El Lago, who I’ve really been enjoying a lot as of late. A great week for The Sour Notes…let’s all be thankful!

Do You Know Catalina La O? She’s on Slack Capital 2

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the greatest bands in Austin. All proceeds from the comp go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. We’re unveiling one song per day until the the release party on April 14.

Song of the day: Catalina La O — “Se Nos Rompio El Amor”

And now for something completely different. Catalina La O is the new project of Khattie Q, formerly of the politi-punk band BLXPLTN. If you got to see Catalina La O at Bill Ball 2 last fall, you were treated to something completely unexpected — a bracing display of powerhouse vocals, belted out over a paired-down rock band arrangement totally designed to spotlight the emotion of the song and the singer. Like wandering into David Lynch’s night club Silencio, it was at once beguiling and captivating.

“Se Nos Rompio El Amor” is an epic ballad first made famous by Spanish singer Rocio Jurado, and the band is fully dedicated to it. After a long instrumental intro, Khattie’s first whisper draws you into the emotional turmoil of the song. Soon she and the band reach great heights, draw things back down again, then explode into a finale that will leave you spent (the title of the song means “We broke love”). A truly powerful performance by a talent we’ll be keeping an eye on for a long time. — Eric Braden

PreOrder Slack Capital 2 HERE.

Release Show on April 14th at Barracuda!

New White Bronco Tune on Slack Capital 2

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the greatest bands in Austin. All proceeds from the comp go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. We’re unveiling one song per day until the the release party on April 14.

Song of the day: White Bronco — “Soul Stroll”

Although they’ve sadly been defunct for a little while now, White Bronco have pulled out an unreleased gem for Slack Capital 2. Featuring a Beatles-evoking and very hummable chord structure over a driving snare and pealing guitars, “Soul Stroll” pays tribute to the rebellious power of taking a walk, of getting far from the madding crowd. The opening lyrics, “Outside/ With my spaceship,” set the tone of a person apart, a weirdo looking in. Like a punk Bruce Springsteen, complete with plenty of yelps, power is asserted through the fine art of breaking free and getting loose. A chaotic ending puts you in the middle of a boisterous happy crowd in a sweaty room, and you can’t help but think “Come back, White Bronco!” — Eric Braden

Pre-Order Slack Capital 2 HERE.

Join us at Barracuda on April 14th for the Release Show!

Hear Tamarron’s Contribution to Slack Capital 2

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the greatest bands in Austin. All proceeds from the comp go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. We’re unveiling one song per day until the the release party on April 14.

Song of the day: Tamarron — “Dr. Alan”

Tamarron is one of those bands where half the fun is watching how much fun the band is having. In other words, these dudes like each other, and that camaraderie is impossible to fake. It makes you want to be part of the gang, to be in on the jokes. Their contribution to Slack Capital 2, “Dr. Alan,” is, fittingly, an endlessly melodic soft-rock jam, complete with background “ooh la la la’s” and serpentine, in-no-hurry guitar solos. The interesting thing is, for such a laid-back song, it’s really hard to pinpoint exactly what it’s about. Is it a drug song, alluding to The Beatles’ “Dr. Robert”? You start to think that its obscurity might be the point when you parse a lyric like “You’ll never understand me/ And when you do/ It’s hard to believe.” Perhaps Tamarron will forever be a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an acid blotter. But that’s the fun of it. — Eric Braden

Pre-Oder Slack Capital 2 HERE.

Join us for the Release Show, April 14th at Barracuda.

Premiere: Smile Release New Album

smileYou might recognize a few faces from the Smile posse, sharing members with local posters, Dreamboat. But, don’t use that to make your basis for the band’s sound,with the group here flexing their musical muscles and creating musically dense compositions. Each track on Like a Diamond in the Rough, You Shine seems like it’s own mini-concept album; songs take twists and turns, though always relying upon the group’s dynamic pop sensibility. For my two cents, I think the journey, and flip side, of “Must Be Something 1 & 2” are easily worth your time, with one side hitting hard and the other letting you venture off into your own world. If you’re looking for a new band that adds a little bit of sunshine to art-pop, then delve into this listen right now.

The group release the album on Friday with a secret special house party. Hit them up to find out where!

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