Show Preview: Heathers @ Holy Mountain (7.2)

heatherA lot of talk this week will be about Blonde Redhead and Mono, but I think there’s a show that you don’t want to overlook, which will be a smaller scale show, but equally as good. We’ve been on the path of Heathers since they first started popping up in the small world of indiepop blogs, and I’m excited to see them play live…not to mention that they just released a new single; it’s like an indiepop version of the Replacements. They’ll be joined by Baby Bleu, Popper Burns and Good Talk, so you’ll get a nice dosage of great local acts too…plus it’s cheap, so save your money for beers at the Holy Mountain bar. Take a listen to this great new single.


Indie Darlings Twin Peaks Get Ready with New Track

unnamedThis new tune from Twin Peaks was all over the Internet yesterday, so I felt like I would give you a chance to revisit it today.  On my first few spins, I can definitely tell that there’s a change in the winds, whether that’s temporary or permanent will be the question. They had a ramshackle Replacements feel on Wild Onion, but now they seem to be emulating a more folk-influenced groove…it’s something sunnier from the Cali side of songwriting.  The song does close out with a bit of a distorted guitar solo giving it an extra punch. As of now, it’s just a one off as they prep for a tour, so enjoy it…and we’ll hold out to see what direction the band heads in the future.


Download: Twin Peaks – In The Morning (In The Evening) [MP3]

ACL Recap & Photos: Day 3


Well folks, it’s been a week since the ATH crew embarked upon Zilker Park for a weekend of music and general debauchery. Gates are open for Weekend Two, but here’s a recap of the highlights from last Sunday in case you’re still looking to relive or maybe you want some guidance as to who to see and who to skip for your Sunday scheduling. Catch each ATH member’s personal take on Sunday and see some gorgeous photos from B.Gray after the jump.


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