One More From Reptaliens

Look, we’re excited for the new Reptaliens album alright? As if you couldn’t tell from our previous two posts about the album and singles, here’s yet another one with the album’s last single “Give Me Your Love”. Yet again, you will find some intriguing lo-fi, bedroom pop sounds equal to anyone currently in the genre. This is sure to be one of our top albums of the year.

Reptaliens release VALIS on April 26th via Captured Tracks.

Chilled Out Pop & Video From Reptaliens

We love Reptaliens here on the ATH crew and I know we are all excited for their new album VALIS coming new month. Prior to the upcoming release date, the band has shared yet another single called “Venetian Blinds”. Once again we are treated to some beautiful, chill pop music and an amazing tour video to go along with the song. Now I’m looking even more forward to the release of the new album on April 26th.

Reptaliens Announce Valis

I knew this new Reptaliens LP was right around the corner, so I’m glad the secret is out, as I adored FM-2030. Our first listen from the forthcoming LP offers up a woozy dreampop sound. Synths float in heavily, often seeming as if they’re in and out of tune; they get matched up with these grooving bass lines that will certainly have you bobbing your head. It’s all spliced up by layered synths and sharp guitar parts; it’s short and sweet, easily consumable. Look for their new album Valis to drop via Captured Tracks on April 26th, as well as huge Spring tour that brings them to SXSW.

Reptaliens Dabble In Indiepop

I’m not sure exactly where Reptaliens are going with their album FM 2030, and perhaps that’s the most exciting thing about the band. Here, on their latest single, the band seems to be heading in the direction of casual indiepop, of which you know I’m a huge fan. The guitars seems slightly muted, yet jangly; the vocals are gentle and perfectly placed in the mix; you can hear little touches of horns and synths to flesh it all out. I mean, if you’re looking for a really chilled out pop song to spend your day with, then you’re going to want to take this one out for a spin. Look for the bands new LP on October 6th via Captured Tracks.

New Playful Pop from Reptaliens

Am I the only one that sees Reptaliens mimicking Deerhoof? Well, if I am, that’s no matter, as I’m sure I’m not the only one enjoying this track. There’s the same playful sensibility in the song, especially during what we’d typically consider the verses. I like how that’s stretched and pulled back moderately, allowing for a more introspective vibe as the song gradually unfolds. Luckily for us all, this gem comes with the announcement of the band’s latest LP, FM-2030, slated for a release date on October 6th via Captured Tracks.

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Bedroom Pop from Reptaliens

reptaliensWhile initially thought this track would have fit perfectly in a John Hughes film, it’s still perfectly aligned with where a lot of music is coming from these days. There’s a natural softness to this new song from Reptaliens, subtly touching the song up with light keyboard touches and saxophone washes. I love that it just sort of hangs out there in the world, floating carefully through my ears, leaving me enchanted. I definitely dig this sound, and look forward to the band’s new EP, which is slated for release later on in July.

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Lo-Fi Pop from Reptaliens

reptalienIn my mind, lo-fi music is meant to sound intimate and personal, but the sounds coming from Portland’s Reptaliens is quite a bit more. Musically, you get the feeling it was recorded on the floor of the bedroom, filled in perhaps with some studio help, but the central theme of the song runs behind the calming delivery of singer Bambi. It’s the perfect blend of dream-pop aesthetics with an other-worldly recording, elevating the song to a certified hit; this song’s perfect for any time of day. Look for more from the band as they solidify the project in 2016.

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