Check Out This Band Semicircle

semiAndrew McFarland is no stranger to composing an album.  After all, he was a member of Reptar, but his new project Semicircle takes on an entirely different vibe than what one might expect from him.  It’s interesting that this release should come on the heels, too, of Bedhead‘s compilation, as it takes notes from the slow-core masters, drawing on their delicate touches and cinematic appeal.  The entire listen to the band’s album, Blown Breeze, Grown Grass and We Are Part of the Earth, bears such marks, so if it’s your style, look for the full length to come out on December 9th.


Download: Semicircle – Mechanism of Erasure [MP3]

Contest: The Faint @ Belmont (5/2)


Listen up Faint fans, we have a special giveaway for you kids to see their show on Friday at The Belmont.  Up for grabs is a pair of tickets for you and a friend to enjoy this stellar show.  To enter, simply leave a comment below with your favorite song by the band and we’ll pick a winner based on our own opinions.  Contest ends tomorrow around 2pm so get those entries in now!  Winners and those attending the show, don’t forget to show up early for your openers Reptar & BloodyKnives.  Go!

Please don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can get in touch with you.


Download: The Faint – Agenda Suicide [MP3]

Catchy New Jam from Reptar

We’ve been all about Reptar for quite some time, and they seem to have gained a huge fan base in a short time.  So, we’re happy to offer up another new track from their forthcoming album on Vagrant, Body Faucet, which comes out on May 1st.  As you’d expect, there’s huge hooks to get your energy flowing and your feet dancing.  You’ve gotta love this sort of track, living somewhere along the lines of a punky dance number.  This is the sort of track that huge stars are made from, so give it a chance.


Download:Reptar – Orifice Origami [MP3]

New Dance Jam From Reptar

We first got wind of this new band Reptar sometime last year when they dropped new song “Houseboat Babies” our way and it has since been on our ATH DJ playlists ever since.  Well now the band has just announced their debut LP Body Faucet which will be released May 1st via Vagrant Records.  Prior to that date, we were just sent this new dance jam “Sebastian”.  It’s sure to appear on DJ set lists in the very near future.

Hey and they’re also coming into town on Saturday evening at Stubb’s for the low low price of only $10!


Download: Reptar – Sebastian [MP3]

Show Review: Phantogram @ The Mohawk

The night before, I joined Nathan for Modest Mouse. The post-FFF6 hangover lingered and that show did not help. I am officially jaded.

Phantogram is up next after Reptar unleashed a silly dance party. I am feeling better. The first bass notes from “Don’t Move” kick in after the stage filling intro music. The lights jump. They move. They create. I was pulled in. I was grinning uncontrollably.

Head past for more on the set and plenty of pics.

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Show Preview: Phantogram @ Mohawk (11/9)

Date 11/9/11
Location Mohawk
Doors 6:30
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

It’s an electronic-indie fans dream Wednesday night at Mohawk.  The show features huge bands in the genre Phantogram and Reptar so you’re late night electronica pop wet dreams are coming true.  If I wasn’t still majorly hungover from the Fun Fest dust storm, I’d totally be there.


Download: Phantogram – Dont Move [MP3]

ACL Interviews: Reptar

Ever since I first heard the dance inducing music of Reptar, I knew they were a band I had to check out during ACL festival in a few weeks.  As we always do, we’ll be bringing you as many interviews as we possibly can while we build up to the festival date.  You can also expect some sweet interview features coming after the festival with the bands we sit down with over the weekend.  For now, we’ve got a great interview for you with Graham from Atlanta based indie-dance band Reptar.  Follow the jump for more.

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New Music From Reptar

The best way to start your week off right is to get some dance music going in the office on an otherwise slow ass Monday morning.  This new pop dance jam “Houseboat Babies” comes from Athens based hit makers Reptar.  With musical sounds similar to LCD Soundsystem and vocals reminiscent of Yeasayer leading man Chris Keating, you really can’t find a better indie dance hall jam.  You can pick up this song and one other on a new 7″ from the band due out later this month on Make Records Not Bombs.


Download: Reptar – Houseboat Babies [MP3]