Have Another New Holy Wave Tune

Looks like Nathan has you all set up for some nice streams over the weekend, but I’d also encourage you to check out this new tune from our Austin friends in Holy Wave. “Interloper” is the title track of the bands brand new album and features a lot of the dreamy and psych oriented sounds we’ve grown to love about the band over the years. This one certainly has a Pink Floyd influence behind it, but a more pop orientation. Chalk it up as another hit for the Austin legends.

Holy Wave will release new album Interloped on July 3rd via Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Holy Wave Share Escapism

Austin’s Holy Wave have long been known for crafting these entrancing psychedelic rock tunes, but as they prepare for the release of Interloper, it seems they’ve gradually begun to grow their sound. Now, don’t think their intention to alter moods and states of mind has changed; this song still illustrates a sort of purposeful trance, though it’s being spun more through the window of dream pop. The wash of atmospherics that coats the tune creates this light fog through which you can make out audible pop moments. It’s filled with all these little musical nuances, proving that the band have gone far beyond my expectations; this seems like the band at their very finest! Interloper will be out on May 8th via Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Pretty Rad Holy Wave Tune

There’s something about the new developments in the Holy Wave world that have piqued my interest; they’ve stepped slightly outside the realm of psychedelia to capture a broader sound, particularly on this new single. The first several minutes of the track do harken to the core genre, though they’ve included these brighter notes, just the faintest hint of Stereolab perhaps ebbing through. Then, the vocals enter the picture, with two seemingly contrasting vocal pieces, playing to each other; it’s a nod to dreamier bedroom pop, though with a larger sound one can’t escape. It’s like some weird sandwich that encapsulates everything in the current musical climate; I love it. Check the band’s Adult Fear LP on March 30th via Reverberation Appreciation Society.

New Opus from Vaadat Charigim

vcLast year, we wrote about Tel Aviv’s Vaadat Charigim quite a bit; they were just releasing their debut album for Burger Records.  They’re back now with a 7″ they’ll be releasing with local Austin label Reverberation Appreciation Society, as they prep for a new LP in 2015.  This first track is this trembling swell of psychedelia, moving in and out of your stream of consciousness.  It opens quietly, building momentum for the band’s entrance just around the minute mark.  You’ll find that the song definitely has peaks and valleys, rising and falling here over the song’s 9 minute sprawl.  I appreciate that; I like a good non-run of the mill psych track.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/166793894″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Swaggering Rock N’ Roll from Night Beats

nightbeatsOver the last year, I’ve caught a handful of Night Beats sets, and I’ve always enjoyed myself.  There’s a bit of garage rock hipness, but also a nice little dose of psychedelia that puts them outside the range of your run-of-the-mill act. On this brand new single it seems as if the vocals are in another room entirely, which is an effect I”m personally partial to nowadays.  And, the band have obviously made an impression here in town because the Reverberation Appreciation Society has opted to pick up the band’s new record, Sonic Bloom, for a September 24th release date.  Can you dig?


Download: Night Beats – Outta Mind [MP3]

New Jam from Cosmonauts

The good people at Reverberation Appreciation Society aren’t solely responsible for putting on the Austin Psych Fest; they’re also in the business of putting out great tunes, such as their upcoming 7″ with Cosmonauts that features a track I’m really digging right now. It’s got this fuxxy guitar that chimes in and out throughout the whole song, but the pacing of the track really allows you to get yourself lost in the tune, particularly the way the lyrics are delivered.  There’s four tracks on this 7″, and I promise you that they’re all equally as good as the one you’re jamming to right now!


Download:Cosmonauts – Lazerbeam [MP3]