New Proto Idiot Ditty

I love the lads in Proto Idiot; they’ve been pushing out satisfying blends of punk and pop for some time now, and they’ve got a new LP coming out next week! Their latest single has the same steady jittering guitar riffs I’ve come to associate with the group, but I love their patience on this tune. You can feel the tension building, and they shake it up a little bit in the chorus, but there’s this restraint making room for the pop sensibility to shine through here. I love the backing vocals, giving this sort of catchy barbershop quartet feel to this bouncing rocker. Look for FUB next week via Rigamarole Records.

Andrew Anderson Releases Clean Yourself

Andrew Anderson is one third of Proto Idiot, but today let’s talk about his brand new solo record, Clean Yourself. It’s a pretty dynamic listen, and one that’s marked by brief songs, so you’re definitely not going to get bored as Anderson bounces from track to track here. There’s a light-hearted garage rocker in “It’s Not for Me,” but move down the line and you’ll find the frantic “You’re too close.” At times, it kind of feels like Andrew’s channeling Television Personalities, valuing clever word play in spots over musicality, like in “Cannot Repeat;” it feels like the sort of thing I would have expected Jay Reatard to pull off. Oddball pop punk numbers, garage rockers and mini-ballads; Clean Yourself has it all! Grab it as Name Your Own Price via Rigamarole Records.