Come Back to Me Rob Crow

rcgpEvery music fan has that one band, or several bands, that always take you back to a certain time in your life, a happy place if you will. For me, Pinback was one of those acts; they opened up the door to many more acts, not to mention their own near-perfect sound. So, I’m glad that despite his claim to have left it all behind, Rob Crow is back with Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place. The bass line alone was enough to hook me, that’s until I heard Crow’s voice working cleverly in and out between the guitar lines. In my ears, he’s still got it. Look forward to seeing what his new act has in store when You’re Doomed. Be Nice is released via Temporary Residence in March.

New Music From Rob Crow

I’ve long been a fan of post-emo band Pinback, and the subdued yet powerful vocals of leading man Rob Crow.  Fans like me can find a new tune below called “Sophistructure” from Mr. Crow recorded outside of his membership in Pinback.  The song is just a taste of a new solo album entitled He Thinks He’s People due out October 18th on Temporary Residence.  As is the case with most front men, the song comes across as one taken from his long time band’s catalog (which I’m in support of BTW).  We’re currently only offering this as a stream, but will let ya know when an MP3 is cool for download.