Rock With Lisa Prank

d999a579-5704-4d2f-999e-6c43b272beffI know Nathan has been going crazy with some song posts over the last few days, but this guy needed a little break from it all for a spell. Today I’m ready to jump back into things with this great new track from Seattle based Lisa Prank. The new song, “Starting Again”, falls in to the lo-fi garage rock genre with complimentary pop elements to keep things catchy and light. Hope you enjoy this new one as much as I do.

Adult Teen will drop on June 24th via Father/Daughter Records.

Sweet New Single From SKATERS

DSC00746I’m sure some of you out there have already heard this badass new SKATERS tune, but I’m going for it anyway because it’s just too good to not have on our site. The song itself, entitled “Head On To Nowhere”, is a straight up rocker similar in style to a band like Waves with a little more edge to the sound. To be perfectly honest, if you aren’t feeling this one with me, something must be wrong with your musical taste.

SKATERS officially split from the major label and will be taking the DIY route for their next release. Stay tuned for more information as we receive it.

Rock with New Running Single

runninBefore I get too far carried away with the pop music today, I wanted to toss in this brand new single from Running…you know, just a twist of differentiation. The track opens up with a pretty frantic pace, using buzzsaw guitars and a pummeling rhythm section to really build the song’s energy. Eventually, they slow it down just a touch for the vocals to reach at your ears from an echo-y distance; there’s even a few shouts, which comes as no surprise as the band is set to release their new LP on Castle Face Records, the home of John Dwyer. Wake Up Applauding will be released on January 4th, offering something loud and boisterous to kick off the New Year.

Ripper Rip a Rocker

otcI feel like a good bit of pop music always needs to be juxtaposed to something a little more dangerous, a little more sinister. So, it’s a good thing the folks at Land Ski Records have been so busy lately, offering up this new blast of rock n’ roll from Ripper. Take the sound of the guitar, combine it with the angsty vocal delivery, then toss in a nice pounding beat from the drum section…add it all up and you’ve got something ready to build a riotous little pit in your favorite venue. The Minneapolis four-piece will be kicking out their new A.D. EP in early December via Land Ski and Lawn Chair Records.

Old School College Rock Feel from The Brainstems

10406970_679847652126005_3836665608930244905_nI might not have been in college at the time, but I think the early 90s had this incredible musical sensibility that’s often been traded for more hits or more shares. With that, it’s refreshing to hear acts like The Brainstems who seem to have gotten things exactly right twenty years down the road. There’s musicianship, but there’s also an indifference to mass consumption that allows for the group to ply their trade with straightforward rock n’ roll that makes you feel alive. This is the first tune to come from the group’s debut, No Place Else, which will be released on November 27th.

Mesmerizing New Single From Holy Esque

2012HolyEsquePR240112Glasgow group Holy Esque has certainly seen many posts on this here website over the years, and rightfully so.  Amazingly enough after several years of coverage on ATH the band is finally releasing a proper full LP after a couple of EPs to keep us happy.  Below is a taste of the new album with new single “Hexx”.  Old fans of the band will immediately recognize the distinct and powerful vocals of lead singer Pat Hynes.  Let’s not forget the powerful rock sounds coming from the rest of the band who manage to compliment those vocals perfectly.  Carry on.

At Hope’s Ravine will hit stores on February 26th via Beyond the Frequency.

Blast This New Track from Chomp

10917920_785601878196428_795133212361893412_oChomp‘s a three-piece rock act from Ohio, and I’m definitely digging their style. It blends a bit of art rock with hints of late 90s emo/punk. But, it also has this death march bass line that works throughout the track as the guitar squeals into your air; there’s an air of danger in the song…so if that’s your thing. October 9th will see the release of their Bruise Control EP via the good people at Mirror Universe Tapes, so take a trip and turn the stereo up!

Sludge Rock From Surfin’ Mutants Pizza Party

smpp1Seems like were posting mostly slow and gentle singer/songwriter sounds today so I wanted to find a little something to mix up the tempo.  This awesome jam, “Kraken”, from Quebec based Surfin’ Mutants Pizza Party is just what I was looking for.  If loud, fast, and a little in your face rock n roll is your fancy, click play and have your hunger satisfied.  Check out first single “Brain Avenue” elsewhere on the site.

Austin amigos Fleeting Youth Records will put out The Death of Cool on May 19th.

Rocker From Shark?

10945857_10152496773606841_1340772088358167219_o (1)It’s been awhile since I last shared with you some new music from Brooklyn based outfit Shark?, so I’m excited to be giving you this new joint today.  This one is called “Hangnail” and is a true rock and roll number displaying some of the finest traits of the genre in one song.  You can almost feel the badass tendencies coming through the vocals and sludgy sounds on the track.

Shark? have a new EP entitled Becky and Debbie due out next week on Old Flame Records.

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