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Surfer Blood

Well it’s official, Surfer Blood are finally about ready to release their new album to the masses and have some new tunes to appease the fans in the mean time.  So the band’s first taste of new material from the album comes in the form of this new track “Weird Shapes”.  It’s certainly a different type of sound from the band and I’m not sure I can quite put my finger on it yet.  You can  definitely hear a slicker production quality from the band similar to The Strokes progression to First Impressions of Earth which is sure a result of signing on to the huge Warner label.  Let us know your thoughts.


Download: Surfer Blood – Weird Shapes [MP3]

Contest: Ty Segall @ Mohawk (1/25)

It’s well known that Ty Segall has a lot of fans around these parts.  Not just with the ATH crew, but the man and his band also seem to have a huge following in Austin.  Let’s also not forget that this lineup at Mohawk is loaded with talent in the form of Ex-Cult, OBN III’s, and DJ Richard Henry.  Let the games begin!

Up for grabs: Your name on the promoter’s guest list with +1.

How to enter: Leave a comment with your favorite Ty Segall song and we’ll pick our favorite (really just at random).

Deadline: Friday morning.

Please don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can get in touch with you if you win.


Download: Ty Segall Band – I Bought My Eyes [MP3]

Show Preview: Mr. Gnome @ Stubbs (11/15)

Date 11/15/12
Location Stubbs
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

Mr. Gnome is a great up and coming band that I caught during SXSW last year, and I can honestly say that they can fully deliver in the live setting.  Those looking to get a good show in before the craziness of this weekend ensues should head on down to the indoor stage at Stubbs on Thursday to see this rocking good band live.  Local upstarts The Baker Family will be more than adequate in providing your opening support for the evening.  You’ll enjoy it.


Download: Mr. Gnome – The Way [MP3]

New Driving Rock Number From PAPA

PAPA is a band that I have posted about in the past on numerous occasions and have continued to stay i touch with the band as they progress musically.  This new song “Put Me To Work” was just sent our way and I’m ready to say that it’s by far the most enjoyable song the band has ever done.  It has a great driving rock sound and a downright grittiness to it that’s totally worthy of many repeat listens.  The band will be dropping their debut full length sometime next year and this is the first single of new material from that LP.


Download: PAPA – Put Me To Work [MP3]

Show Preview: Crocodiles @ Red 7 (10/26)

Date 10/26/12
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $12 @ Frontgate

ATH proudly supports Crocodiles and the beautiful pop tunes they’ve grown famous for creating.  That being said, you had to know that this show at Red 7 we be recommended by the entire crew as your best bet for a Friday night show in town.  Making the show even more enticing is a solid supporting package with Cheap Curls, Gal Pals, and La Migra all joining in on the fun.  We shall see you there purveyors of all things good.


Download: Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) [MP3]

Titus Andronicus – Local Business

Rating: ★★★½☆

You’ve really got to root for Titus Andronicus?  They’ve taken on their own approach to working within the indie rock community, and regardless of pitfalls of other acts, they always seem to come out on their own terms.  Local Business is their third LP, and while it’s story line may not be as grandiose as The Monitor, it impresses greatly, musically and lyrically.

For me, I almost always notice the music first, nowadays.  Perhaps that’s why the guitar line that opens “Ecce Homo” stuck out to me the most on my first listen; it’s almost got a Replacements feel to it, cutting edge, yet relaxed.  Then, of course, Patrick enters the picture delivering his stance as a man looking on from the outside, angry about the way things have played out, for himself and others.  Personally, by the fist song, I’m already fascinated by the clarity of the vocals, but what’s stuck out a great deal is the musical shift.  This album is all about a more classic rock n’ roll sound.  The guitars are turned up, as usual, but they take on less of a post-rock feel, especially if you look at the second track on Local Business, “Still Life with Hot Deuce on Silver Platter.”

That being said, I also think there’s a harder edge punk rock ethos laying beneath the songwriting.  Sure, that’s always been present, but in listening to a track like “Titus Andronicus vs The Absurd Universe” you can tell by the ferocity in the vocal delivery and the ringing guitar that this is all about creating music that’s in your face; it’s brash and lyrical, yet there’s still melody lurking. Even “Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape with the Flood of Detritus” has a subdued element of punk rock, although the guitar line that cuts through the number provides a more sentimental classic rock element.  Oh, and you can sing along too, rather easily…a staple of punk’ simplicity, and Patrick Stickles’s songwriting.

For me, the heart and soul of Titus Andronicus still lives in their mini-opus rock numbers.  “I Tried to Quit Smoking” is something I can relate to on a personal level, but the slow start of Patrick singing over piano and minimal drumming draws listeners in from the start, and that sentiment stays with you, that is until the band begins to sort of dial it in near the latter half with some noodling on various instruments.  It also provides a good counterpoint to “My Eating Disorder,” which appears earlier on Local Business.  This one’s almost as long, but it’s more of a bar-room brawler, giving you a bit of a shuffle whilst moving in and out of the track itself.  One listen and you’ll be anticipating the night when you get to scream “my eating disorder is inside me” at the top of your lungs.

Now, if you’re looking for the Monitor Pt. 2, you’re not going to find it here.  Honestly, that’s a good thing, considering the world raved about that album.  It shows me, as well as other fans, that the group’s still sticking to their guns, still operating on their own terms.  They don’t need to recreate themselves, and they don’t need to sound like Titus Andronicus.  They can forage new territory on their own, yet still come out with incredible songs that beg to be sung in the live setting or at the top of your lungs while you’re screaming down the highway.  Local Business is a good record. Hands down.

New Throwback Rock From Departures

This is another tune I seem to be a little late on, but I don’t really care because it rules and you don’t read any other sites do you?  Right!?  The belated jam in question, “Pillars”, comes your way from Winnipeg based outfit Departures.  It’s sort of a throwback style tune that reminds me of Joy Division mixed in with a few parts Talking Heads.  That sounds A-okay to me.

New album Still and Moving Lines just came out yesterday so you should look for it in your local record store.


Download: Departures – Pillars [MP3]

More New Rock From Unnatural Helpers

A couple months ago I shared a new rockin’ tune from recent Hardly Art Acquisition Unnatural Helpers called “Hate Your Teachers”.  Well today I have another new song for you going by the name “Toil” and it rocks just as hard as that last tune.  Don’t forget that the band have a new album coming out on September 25th entitled Land Grab.  It’s sure to be a hot one.


Download: Unnatural Helpers – Toil [MP3]

New Spastic Rock From Ungdomskulen

I’m not exactly sure why this new jam “Askefast” from Norwegian group Ungdomskulen is really perking up my ear drums, but it surely has me paying attention.  It’s a little rough around the edges upon first listen, and I’m sure you see what I mean, yet it seems to grow on me after each spin.  You can almost hear some Mastadon in there mixed with maybe some Ice Choir and Portugal. The Man.  Anyway you want to call it,  the band surely shows a lot of talent.  On September 25th, the band will release their 4th studio album Secrecy worldwide.


Download: Ungdomskulen – Askefast [MP3]

New Killer Jam From Eternal Summers

We’ve already heard quite a bit of material from the new Eternal Summers LP Correct Behavior coming out on July 24th.  We posted on awesome tune “Millions” awhile back and we’ve seen several other songs posted around the interwebs on various sites.  As far as songs by this band go, I’m prepared to say that this one might just be my favorite yet.  It’s a driving rock number with an incredible pop sense about it.  Hope you enjoy it as much as me.


Download: Eternal Summers – You Kill [MP3]

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