Night Drive Shares A Cover

Our friends in Night Drive have covered Perfume Genius and Radiohead previously, tagged as summer covers. They also do “Psycho Killer” live, but if you haven’t heard it, that Radiohead is one of the best things to get you all swirly-eyed-lost-in-the-moment at any Night Drive show.

The latest release is a not-quite-summer cover has us reimagining The National’s “Anyone’s Ghost”. It goes slightly uptempo to disco levels and adds a pile of synthy harmony with more movement in the phrasing of the lyrical delivery versus the original. The song builds and diverts from the source material the further along you listen.

Night Drive Shares A Video

I was talking with Rodney from Night Drive at the Bryan Ferry show. Seems the record coming out on Roll Call Records is just about set for release and that means promo time. Among the plans, a record release June 16th at Cheer Up. We will be there. How about a video, too?

If you haven’t gotten behind this jam you, I suggest you do. The vid is directed by Yoshi Sodeoka. Psyched out, kinda. Let’s dance.

Dig on New Music from The Dig (SXSW Artist)

The Dig have graced our pages here before, and with this new single, I’m still backing the band as a group built for success in 2017. On this tune, the band continues their musical shape-shifting, channeling a blend of glam and new age psychedelia. Piano work allows for the song to sustain a natural bounce to it, with guitars and added synths circling overhead. The vocals have this androgynous tone, fitting for a tune about astronauts. Their album Bloodshot Tokyo will appear on February 3rd via Roll Call Records. And, like the post says, they’ll be in attendance for SXSW this year, for those of you in Austin for the festival.

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Fresh Music from The Dig

thedigI really don’t think there are a lot of bands out there running things the way that The Dig do. They’ve got something that’s almost bares an R&B inflection to it, though the music is far more upbeat. You’ve almost got an anthemic approach, though these guys keep things just weird enough with their musical layering that you end up reveling in how they make things both infectious and cool all at the same time. Feel free to turn this one up loud, and get ready for the group’s Bloodshot Tokyo on February 3rd.

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Play This New Dig Tune, Ya’ Dig?

thedigMan, I can only use the word dig so many times in reference to The Dig, but I definitely am enjoying their new single. It’s this shiny bit of indie pop drenched in a playful rhythm and a nice soothing vocal throughout the various verses. There’s this really subtle melodic wash grooving in it too, jumping out with an even larger hook during the chorus to grab the listener. You liked that last Tame Impala LP? You’ll probably find a nice home here. Look for the band’s debut, Bloodshot Tokyo, in February of next year via Roll Call Records.

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Loving this New Motel Radio Tune

motelradioFeel like at some point, I sort of digressed from the folk-influenced indie rock genre; it got tired after a bit. But, every once in a while, something peeks through and catches my ear, like this new Motel Radio tune. It’s a seemingly carefree number, hitting upon a great harmony for the duration of the track. Personally, I love the use of some of the negative space, with the way the organ/synth is used or the guitar chords are bent in just the right direction. I guess when things in a genre get bland, the only way to win new fans is to perfect the art, and I feel like the group have done precisely that. Look for their Desert Surf Films EP via Roll Call Records on August 12th.

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Do I Like This Streamlined Pop From On An On?

10960327_10152750308033105_3030398931147536978_oShort answer: yes, yes I do. I have a love/take-it-or-leave-it relationship with this kind of music, but Minneapolis’ On An On have stolen my heart with the crisp and clear production on “Drifting,” which you’ll have to take a listen to below. This is the band’s first release in two years, and while the song may seem like a simple and plain track at first, before it reaches its end, it sharply changes direction and brings a real emotive punch. Indulge yourself and enjoy some straightforward alternative pop music with a hint of folk.

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New Pop Tune from Royal Canoe

royalcanoeYou’ve gotta make Friday go off with a band, especially if you’ve got plans to wake up early and hit up Record Store Day (as you should), so I figured we’d start things off with this Royal Canoe track.  It revolves mostly around a nice little electronic beat, with some atmospheric touches added in here and there.  I like the way the vocals come in and out with different tones, and different effects atop.  If you’re enjoying yourself, be sure that you get your hands on Today We’re Believers on June 25ht via Roll Caller Records.  Damn you Canada and your catchy hits!


Download: Royal Canoe – Today We’re Believers [MP3]

New Music From Scattered Trees

After sharing a new song back in November from Chicago based Scattered Trees, we have another new song for you and a label release date for their recent album.  This new song “Four Days Straight” appears on the bands new LP Sympathy which will be available August 9th in stores via Roll Call Records.  The new album was actually released back in April for purchase on the band’s site or on itunes, but will finally appear in your local record store this August.  I dig the sort of Summerteeth Wilco style with a pretty sweet chanting chorus that’s sure to be a hit in the live setting.  Interested parties should also check out the Star Wars themed video for the song we shared in November “Love and Leave”.


Download: Scattered Trees – Four Days Straight [MP3]