Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Share New Video

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are steadily becoming one of my favorite bands, so it’s only natural that I share with you their new video for “Sick Bug” off their recently releasedFrench PressEP. I love the way this track rambles along quickly with the endless guitar riffs and the vibrant vocals. Much like the rest of the songs from RBCF, it’s a solid jam that you should turn up loud to get through the rest of your Friday.


SXSW Awards – 2017

How is it possible we’re already through SXSW hangover week? It seems like only yesterday the ATH crew was hanging at Hotel Vegas, with Lone Star in hand, kicking off the week a couple of Sundays ago with the awesome lineup put together by Nathan and our boy Mr. Laird. As always, we move on, reflect on the fun behind us, and plan for the next great lineup or festival. Such is the beauty of living in the live music capital of the world. To look back on the festival, Nathan, Brian, and myself came up with an arbitrary list of awards with each of us picking our choice for the category.

Hit the jump for our awards, final thoughts and a few related pics from a fun, exciting, and draining week.

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Fresh Video from Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Clearly we’re enamored with the playful sounds of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (I even wrote about them HERE for SXSW). They definitely have an Australian sound, and it’s super apparent here…filled with that breathy vocal and guitars that ring circles in your head. Personally, I love how the band has this attitude of indifference, yet they survive by offering up an inherent joyousness; it’s even evident in the celebratory attitude of the accompanying video. These guys are one of the highlights of my upcoming SXSW plans, and if you won’t be here, that’s okay because you can grab The French Press EP on March 10th via Sub Pop.

More From Rolling Blackouts C.F.

So maybe I’m a day late and a dollar short on sharing this new track from longtime ATH faves, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, but it’s a right jam, so I had to. These Australian gentlemen, if you’ve somehow managed to miss out on the plethora of great songs that they’ve been tossing your way, have signed to Sub Pop and will be putting out an EP later in the spring. They’ve just released the title track from that release, called “French Press,” and it shows the band really tearing up the jangly rock scene; they remind me of a tightly-wound Real Estate. Crisp electric guitar riffs frolic through the whole tune while the vocals are tight and quick lipped. These folks are doing indie rock right, and it’s time for you to dive in headfirst. Take a listen below and don’t forget about their French Press EP, which is due out March 10th via Sub Pop. Pick it up here.


Another Gem From Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have made my short list for acts to watch in 2017 after each single they’ve dropped up to this point has been another pop masterpiece. “Julie’s Place,” is no exception, and the video below will let you take a listen to the track while watching a slice of life at high speed. The track has got infectious guitars that ferociously tear through the track at high speeds, and the vocals are a mellow compliment to the instrumentation. Take a listen and look out for their Sub Pop debut EP, which will be out sometime this spring.


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sign To Sub Pop

unnamed-5Man, I love it when we’re right. Not to be those snobs, but when a band that we’ve been digging from the start catches a break and signs to a label as big as Sub Pop, it feels right that the band is gaining proper recognition. Such is the case with Melbourne’sRolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, who have just signed to Sub Pop and released another single to add to their myriad of hits. This new single, “Julie’s Place,” comes from their forthcoming EP which is due out next spring, and while it has some polish to it the mix, it still retains that 70s pop vibe that we first fell for. Be sure to turn this one up loud and rejoice with the band.



Another Hit from Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

rbcfMan, is this record out yet? If you hadn’t notice, we’ve been clamoring for Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever with every single they unleash from their forthcoming mini-album. I feel like this tune offers a glimpse at more dynamism in their songwriting, shining things off for a bit of Springsteen or Vile feel to it. I will say there’s definitely polish on this one, presented differently than their other tunes, so I hope it makes for an encouraging final listen when Talk Tight finally hits…you know, a little of this, a little of that; it’ll be available on March 25th.

More To Love From Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

12183794_545143462303741_8060044177707569321_oI don’t even care that this tune has been posted already all over the internets because it’s just that good. If you haven’t already got around to listening to Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, it’s time that you do that. These five gentlemen from Melbournehave just announced that their latest release, a mini LP calledTalk Tight,will be out March 25th viaIvy League, and shared the lyric video for the new single “Wither With You,” which is an instant classic jangly rock tune. It’s got a Go-Betweens feel to it, but with a bit more of a snarl and kick. I’ve probably played this tune five times already today, and that number will probably double by its end. Take a listen and hear what I’m talking about.

Hope People Pay Attention To Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

rbcfWhile I’m not entirely sure of the meaning behind Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, I am sure that the music the band’s crafting is something worth noticing. It’s the second time this year I’ve heard a band (the other being EZTV) harken back to an era in the late 70s/early 80s where rock n’ roll attitude was being spun in different directions, whilst always having this experimental twist. I mean, this song sounds old; it doesn’t sound like they’re channeling something from long ago, it sounds like they’re straight out of that period. Look for their Talk Tight mini-LP coming your way early next year.