Quiet Folk from Roman Lakes

The last time I wrote up something about Roman Lakes I was marveling at the intimacy of the recording. This time around, well, you’re going to get a bit more polish on the lead song, but it still holds you closely, wrapping you up in the warmth from the first instant. However, things do change a touch with the addition of drummer Mario Lunardo…give this song a few moments before he joins in to really make the track something quite special. Bleeding Gold Records is offering it up for the “name your price” mark, but remember to please donate to always keep great small labels running.

Intimate Number from Roman Lakes

romanlakesI’m always looking to cover the work of Bleeding Gold Records; they have an admirable roster and a unique style of releases. This week they’ve just put up a new digital single from Roman Lakes (NYOP). It’s vocals and picking, with a slight extra here and there from slide guitar in the distance. Listening, you’ll feel as if you’re there for the recording, almost hearing the buzz on the microphone in the final product. Go grab it from the label, and feel free to donate a dollar or three to the art/music world and its continued longevity.