Olivia’s World Share Blotter Video

A few weeks ago, I went out of my way to encourage you to listen to Olivia’s World and their latest track; I even vaguely reference Rose M’s participation, but I suppose if you don’t come out and say it, no one’s like to do the research. Alas, the band’s back with a video for the tune, so maybe that’s a chance to get you caught back up in the joy of this tune…plus, for what its worth, this track belongs on repeat all day. I kind of figure that folks are getting back into the jangle a little, or maybe they’re just going to look into the band’s current Aussie locale as reason to get in on the tune. Regardless, the track rules, and it’ll be released on the new EP, out October 25th via Lost Sound Tapes.

Stream the New Album from Knifepleats

knifeI’m an admitted fan of Rose Melberg and her work, so when we heard about a new project, Knife Pleats, I was really excited to hear what it had to offer. As expected, it’s every bit as glorious as we thought, and the full length is now available to pick up on your own. If you’re looking for something that’s just slightly hazy on the sound, but adheres to the delightful side of indiepop, then I think you’re going to want to pick up Hat Bark Beach. It’s available in the US via Lost Sound Tapes and Jigsaw Records.

Rose Melberg’s New Band = Knife Pleats

knifepleatsI think any fan of great indie rock the last several years has to agree that no matter what Rose Melberg touches, it’s going to be magic…in some way or another.  The last project we had from her was Imaginary Pants, but now she’s got a new outfit up and running, Knife Pleats. And yes, as always, Melberg and her pals fulfill the promise, creating hook filled tunes that make you feel young…and ultimately smile. The foursome will release Hat Bark Beach on September 29th via Lost Sound Tapes…with the CD version coming out later via Jigsaw…both reliable options for great tunes.


Great Return for Imaginary Pants

coverImaginary Pants only have a handful of small releases, but I’m really in love with their most recent EP, Kites at Night.  Perhaps it’s because there’s five new songs; you can’t ever complain when you get five songs with Rose Melberg involved. There’s a variety of songs too, with the one below opening the EP up with a warm bit of summery pop, but there’s also a couple of more upbeat tracks like “Creaking Gates” and “Bleak Outside.”  Either way, you’re not going to be disappointed with what you’re getting, and if you’re so incline, you can get the EP for NYP or order the tape from Lost in Sound Tapes.  You win either way.


Download: Imaginary Pants – Branches As Bridges [MP3]

Rose Melberg Warms Hearts with PUPS

246720085-1Is there another lady that works as hard as Rose Melberg?  I’m thinking know, especially now that I discovered this new band she’s working with via Bloodbuzzed.  PUPS just put up their self-titled EP last week for the NYOP fee (remember not to rip off your favorite artists).  I’m really impressed with the drumming on this tune, not to mention the refreshing vocals; it’s amazing how the tightly sloppy drumming can work so well with the quality of the voice.  You definitely need to spend some time today falling in love with this track, as you’ll be better off for it.


Download: PUPS – Take Your Shoes Off [MP3]

Rose Melberg Wears Imaginary Pants

3132283664-1I wanted to bringing you something special on a Friday, something I thought you could really sink your teeth into before you hit the weekend. This little jam comes from Rose Melberg and her new project Imaginary Pants.  The duo has a collection of demos, but they sounds pretty incredible if you ask me. I like the opening jam, and I can see how the sound fits into the modern music industry, with vocal harmonies and a little bit of twang. They’re going to toss out this wonderful collection on Lost Sound Tapes sometime in the near future, so keep a look out. You can grab all the demos HERE.


Download: Imaginary Pants – Cave to Cave [MP3]