Stream A New EP From Ground Loops

It’s likely you aren’t familiar with the name Ground Loops, but I suspect you are familiar with the work of TC Brownwell in such projects as Wild Pink and Dead Painters. Well Brownwell, normally “the bass player” decided to step out on his own and release an EP of synth heavy, driving pop music. Prior to the actual release date on Friday, we’ve been allowed to share the 4 song EP exclusively for you below. As you give this a listen, you’ll find some brooding, slow developing songs like opener “It Never Happened”, paired beautifully with the more bright, hopeful numbers like closer “I Don’t Think He Remembers” and second track “They Weren’t Made to Last”. For me, the songs have crafted this sort of Joy Division Dark sound with some of the poppier elements of The Smiths or The Cure during the brighter moments. Check it out now and also check out Ground Loops label Rue Defense.