The Berries Announce LP on Run For Cover

This is not a Barrie offshoot; this the Berries, the project of Matt Berry, formerly of Happy Diving/Big Bite. Today there’s news of a fresh LP in the pipeline of Run for Cover, and with Rob Schnapf mixing, you know the songs are already pretty solid. This first single feels like a classic nod to 90s alternative/college rock, when we were still allowed to be hopeful and dreamy of the beauty life held…rather than be brow beaten by a plague, demagogues, inflation, etc. Maybe that’s the point Matt’s getting to in his storytelling, reminding us that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to find the reason we’re all here. If you’re digging it, High Flying Man is out on August 19th.

The Berries Drop Yet Another Gem

As is usual with me, I am a bit late in sharing this new tune from Matt Berry and his Seattle based project The Berries, but hey it’s just too damn good not to post. The track in question, “Priceless”, shows Berry slowing things down just a bit for a more driving and mellow approach to songwriting. Don’t be fooled by the initial restraint of the tune as it slowly builds over it’s 4.5 minutes and progresses into a truly epic, and beautiful sound.

This song appears on a new single and B-sides compilation entitled Throne of Ivory due out April 23rd on Run For Cover Records.

Sun June Share Everything I Had

Let’s face it…this is the year that Sun June goes big. We’ve long backed the band for huge things, and with Run for Cover in their corner (along with friends Keeled Scales too!), the expectations for the Austin quintet are super high! Luckily for you, they’ve got the music to back that up, as you can hear in the band’s final single before Somewhere drops in early February. For starters, this is probably my favorite vocal performance from Laura too; her voice has this graceful majesty that rides the crest of the song as the video courses through these nostalgic videos that resonate with the track’s lyrical content. A little over a month and you can grab the LP on February 5th.

Sun June Share Bad Girl Video

The new Sun June is simply indescribable. I’ve attempted to pigeonhole it, make clever comparisons, express my initial thoughts…but for all that effort, I have no words. It’s like this magnificent quicksand; I’m watching myself sinking into an unknown abyss, yet as this song plays in the background, I’m not unhappy. In fact, this song feels like just letting things be. It has movement, thus the choreography, but at times, its so patient and unobtrusive that it just swirls about your head dizzyingly. Some songs are better left without my detailing; they speak for themselves. Look for Somewhere next February via Run For Cover/Keeled Scales.

The Berries Do It Again

Matt Berry and his Seattle based project known as, The Berries, released one of my favorite albums last year, Berryland. Since then, I’ve been totally hooked and eagerly awaiting more music to consume from the talented multi-instrumentalist. Well today we’re lucky to enjoy this new one off single called “Ancient Steel”, planned as part of an ongoing single series throughout the year. Reserving any superlatives or adjectives to promote the song, I will simply tell you that it’s time for you to check out this band. Do it now!

You can also support The Berries by purchasing their last album, or other merch on the Run For Cover website.

Have Another From The Berries

Another day, another fantastic Seattle band I am currently enamored with. Today my words and praise are focused on the previously posted about The Berries, who have yet another tune for us to enjoy. This one is called “Passing Scene” and treats us again to a beautiful bit of slow-brooding, American style sounds with just the right amount of brightness to keep things interesting. This is a band all of us will be talking about when new album Berryland drops on September 20th. Run for Cover has pre-orders up now.

Fantastic New Song From The Berries

Hey hey, here’s a new song I’ve been liking called “Fruit” from Seattle based outfit The Berries. It’s a song full of Americana twang with some hints of slacker rock and country themes. Imagine if Kurt Vile began making good music again and The Fruit Bats were still inspired by Americana, and you’d be about spot on with this one.

The Berries will release a new album called Berryland on September 20th via Run For Cover.

New Music From Seahaven

Seahaven7InchCover500pxAfter we’ve all enjoyed a nice little break, it’s time to start talking music again for the upcoming year.  One release I’m pretty pumped about is coming our way from Canadian friends Seahaven.  This track, “Silhouette (Latin Skin)”, is a preview of the new album and I like the updated blues the band is bringing.  It’s a truly “loud” and epic sounding number that does a lot to get me even more excited for this release.

New album Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism is coming this spring/summer, but this track will be available on a 7″ 3 song single due out January 21st via Run For Cover Records.

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