Carry Illinois Drop New Track

I’m a huge fan of Carry Illinois, and happy to see them back after last year’s Garage Sale. I was instantly caught by the guitar chords that opened the tune, drawing me in and setting the scene for Lizzy Lehman’s vocal performance. Thematically, it’s a strong statement about loving yourself, despite those instances of self-doubt. It’s an impressive introduction to the band’s new EP, Work in Progress, which is slated for a release later this Spring. This group continues to impress me with their attention to sonic details and huge production.

Austin Spotlight: Another Grape St. Hit

Grape St.Remember when we put out that first Grape St. LP? Yeah, that was pretty sweet. But, the band have since gone on to release their latest album, this time with Burger Records. The album is titled Wallpaper, and if anything, it’s another assured dosage of garage pop power from Curtis O’ Mara. Listen to this new single they just tossed up to support their mini West Coast tour; it has long been a staple of their live show, and I have a feeling you’ll dig hearing it in the recorded version. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to grab their new LP. You can get their old debut HERE.