Yet Another Single From Hypoluxo

Since we’ve already posted two singles from the upcoming Hypoluxo album, I figured we would be missing out if we didn’t also post the third and final single. I’m not sure what else we can say about this band that can’t be said with a quick listen to this new joint “Trust Fall”. The band is dreamy and sort of new wave with deep vocals which might just put you in a trance. These guys are making some remarkable music right now.

Hypoluxo will release Running on a Fence on September 21st via Broken Circles.

Another Track from Hypoluxo

Brooklyn outfit Hypoluxo have already caught my fancy with their earlier single “Kentucky Smooth,” and I’m quite fascinated by their newest number. I thought I had this one pegged for the first minute, with a slightly dreamy guitar line hanging out there…not quite dream pop, not quite Mac Demarco. Then the vocals threw me off; there’s something in the hearty tones that give off a different vibe, and as such, the guitar takes on a different attitude…something darker, forbidden almost. I like how even in sections where they go verse chorus verse chorus, it never once takes on monotony. Look for the group’s new LP, Running on a Fence to drop September 21st via Broken Circles.

New Music from Hypoluxo

Today I’ve really been enjoying this track from Hypoluxo; it offers a blend of various genres that all seem right up my alley. From the get go, the percussion opens the track up with a bouncing rhythm, allowing room for the guitars to dance around. Seemingly, you’ve found a gem of a dream pop number, but the way the vocals are delivered indicates a style rooted in traditional indie rock, a la the National. All together, it straddles the genres perfectly, melding them together in an intoxicating fashion. The group are set to release Running on a Fence via Broken Circles come September 21st.