Gimme 5 – Lydia Luce

I’ve enjoyed my ACL and SXSW Gimme 5 playlists from artists so much that I’ve decided to start running some at random times during the year. Well not totally random, as I plan to focus on artists coming through Austin soon to help build up some hype for their show. It’s also interesting for me to find our what other musicians are listening to before, or even after their show. Kicking off my newish feature is Nashville based songwriter Lydia Luce who is stopping through town on Friday at Mohawk. Hit the jump for some words from Lydia and her 5 song playlist.

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Love This New S. Carey Video

S. Carey‘s latest video really hits home for me, and not just musically. I used to live in Yellowstone. True story. And, I’ll admit, I wish I had Carey’s tune in my car as I drove throughout the park on errands and what not; it does perfectly match the setting and ambiance of traveling through the park. But, be warned, as they actually don’t hit the park until about the 1.5 minute mark; they go through some other locales, equally as majestic. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s just a damn good song, but I’m going to keep watching this video on repeat for a bit. You’ll find this track on the latest LP, Hundred Acres, via Jagjaguwar.

Show Preview: S. Carey @ Holy Mountain (4.7)


Date Monday, April 7th
Location Holy Mountain
Doors 9 PM
Tickets $10 from Transmission

I imagine it’s been fairly difficult for S. Carey to escape his ties to Bon Iver, but with the recent release of Range of Light, he seems to continue to get beyond the shadows of his other work.  His songwriting is quite intimate and personal, allowing listeners to find themselves lost in his musical compositions.  He’ll be joined at Holy Mountain by White Hinterland, another group that’s crafting these ornate pieces that quietly immerse you in another world.  And, opening the night will be local lady-hero, Dana Falconberry, who really needs no introduction.  You’ve got three great musicians, and no excuses, so head out tonight! And, S. Carey has a free show at Waterloo at 6 if you’re into that sort of thing.


Download: S. Carey – In The Dirt [MP3]

New Song from S Carey

A few years back S. Carey released All We Grow, which I felt was a highly underrated, or unnoticed, album.  It got some press for his participation with Bon Iver, but having seen him live since then, I think he definitely deserves some recognition on his own.  Perhaps he’ll achieve that goal when he releases his Hoyas EP via JagJaguwar  in May.  Based on this first listen, he’s still building his own little soundscapes, often based around small loops and intricate instrumental flourishes.  I suppose this could fall under the electronica spectrum, but you know Carey’s probably writing all these little elements himself.  Regardless, sounds pretty solid.


Download:S. Carey – Two Angles

Show Preview: Tallest Man On Earth @ Antones (9/18)

Date 9/18/10
Location Antones
Doors 8pm
Tickets $13 @ Frontgate

Immediately after he gave us a new EP to enjoy, Tallest Man On Earth is stopping at Antones in Austin Saturday night.  Armed with only his guitar, the show will be an intimate one and something I’m sure you won’t want to miss out on.  Opening support for the night is provided by S. Carey.


Download: Tallest Man on Earth – King of Spain [MP3]

New Tunes from S. Carey

JagJaguwar just announced that they will be releasing the debut album from S. Carey titled All We Grow on August 24th.   You might no Sean from his gig as one of the percussionists for Bon Iver, and you’ll recognize a similar sound coming from the first single “In The Dirt.”  It has a bedroom quality that’s soft and gentle, warranting repeated listens as you relax on those warm summer evenings.  So far, there’s not a thing not to like, so enjoy.


Download: S. Carey – In The Dirt [MP3]