Amen Dunes Announce New Record

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard new tunes from Amen Dunes, but I’m definitely enjoying this track that comes with the announcement of a new LP. The first thing that struck me is the propulsive tone of the percussion; it sets the perfect pace, steady and pushing the tension. It’s fitting because Dylan McMahon’s voice definitely doesn’t seem steady; he holds onto notes and syllables until there’s almost nowhere else for them to venture. He still has a folk affection in the voice, but the sound of this single hints that the band’s new LP might be a little bit broader than what we heard on Love. Sacred Bones will be releasing Freedom on March 30th.

Never Hurts to Jam the Men

We haven’t heard from the Men since 2016, but news broke today of a new album headed our way in 2018. The immediate thing you’ll notice is how the band sounds absolutely nothing like the group that gave us Leave Home or Open Your Heart, and honestly, that’s for the best; it’s great to hear a sound you love, but even better for art when you push yourself into something entirely new. There’s still that element of darkness in the pulsing synth lines that serves the spirit of the band to listeners, yet artistic elements elevate the tune such as the sax squawking. The group’s new LP, Drift, drops on March 2nd via Sacred Bones Records.

Moon Duo Covers Alan Vega

Seems like a no-brainer that I’d be into this new tune from Moon Duo, which has the band covering Alan Vega of Suicide; it’s part of the band’s new 12″ of Alan Vega and The Stooges covers. On this version, the band seem to trade in the jittery urgency of Vega’s original for a deeper propulsive throb; the natural swing is gone, stolen by the dark underbelly that Moon Duo have brought to their own tunes. It’s also a bit longer than the original by almost two minutes, allowing the band to pull you deeper into the track. This covers 12″ will be released by Sacred Bones Records on January 19th.

Yesterday’s News: Another New Moon Duo Single

I love the ever-changing progress of Moon Duo. While they still adhere to some of their early psychedelic influences, such as the driving synth work here, they continue to move and change within those confines. Here, they offer up this smoky vocal that rests atop the pulsing musical accompaniment; it has this smoothed out production that’s reminiscent of classic 90s dream pop. Oh! The track manages to keep your attention, in spite of its length, which hopefully doesn’t scare away the looky-loos. Their newest release Occult Architecture Vol. 2 will be released by their long-time label, Sacred Bones Records, on May 5th.

Obligatory Moon Duo Post

moonduoYep. This song popped up all over the place yesterday, and I’m going to add my voice to the Internet void that is music journalism. Moon Duo have continued to grow, and with that, impress listeners such as yourself. Hearing this new single, it sounds like they’re taking the backbone of Spiritualized or Spaceman and kicking it up a notch with heavier guitars. For my ears, that chorus is what’s stunning; it’s probably the band at their most accessible. I’m looking forward to seeing more growth when they release Occult Architecture Vol. 1 via Sacred Bones Records on February 3rd.


Fresh Tune from Moon Duo

moonduoOf all the psychedelic bands that have flourished in the last few years, I think Moon Duo has to be one of my favorites. They always seem to take some of the basics of the genre, then take them on their own little musical adventures. Their latest single has a darkened electronic tinge to it, pulsing from the get-go. Vocals are muddied, lurking beneath…that is until the band hits the chorus and turns things into a dancing world of pop sensibility. I imagine this is the region where Blank Dogs meets those psych freaks. Excited to hear the group’s new effort, Occult Architecture Vol. 1 via Sacred Bones Records early next year.

Fresh Glam Rock From Cheena

13568937_313983955603768_8798916160693826690_oNYC’s Cheena are on their way to releasing a new album at the end of this week, but before they get there, they’ve got a new track to throw your way. This track, “Lost My Way,” which is below, is a fuzzy, grumbling example of great glam rock. The percussion glitters and jingles through, while the guitars snarl and spin menacingly for the duration of the tune. Take a listen, fall in love with the rock goodness here, and then get stoked forSpend the Night With…which is out August 5th via Sacred Bones Records.


Here’s New Jenny Hval

jennyhvalIf you haven’t really spent too much time with Jenny Hval, this is actually a pretty good way to get introduced to her work. The music in this single is pretty minimal, just looping around on sampled beats. While it may be simple, it allows for her voice to really do the work on this song, and boy does it ever. She seems to have so many different tones/pitches, and they constantly seem to be delivered in a varying manner…it ends up creating sort of a beautified trance for the audience. Her new record Blood Bitch will be released on September 30th by Sacred Bones.

More from Wymond Miles

wymondIt’s almost as if we can leave the association with Fresh and Onlys in the dust, as Wymond Miles solo-work doesn’t seem to have too much in the way of commonalities, aside from the vocals. His latest single is this swelling pop masterpiece, cementing his talents as a standalone act. I love the varying tones in his voice, and the darkened tones of the guitar meeting the drums seem to contrast perfectly when it all meets in the middle. Call By Night, his new record, will be out on July 8th via Sacred Bones Records.

Continuously Impressed by Wymond Miles

wymondSince the Fresh and Only‘s seem to have slowed their prolific run, it’s allowed Wymond Miles to focus on some of his solo work, which is always great. I think this new single illustrates something wholly different for him, at least in comparison to his past efforts. His voice soars in a way that I don’t think I fully gave him credit for; it’s a really strong performance on that end. The construction of the song revolves around emphatic swells, crashing into your ears at just the right time, with carefully placed calming dips. Call By Night is the title of his new album, released on July 8th via Sacred Bones Records.

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