ACL WE2 – Saturday in Photos

acl-we2-2060Saturday may not have been the strongest lineup, but it was awfully photogenic.

Slaves was a pure musical highlight for me; British punk rock from two individuals that believe in the songs and enjoy what they do. More on that after the break. JR JR was the surprise set of the day, far more fun than I imagined it would be, shiny things. Saint Motel has left the ATH behind, now a solid fest headliner after we spring-boarded the band with a Stubb’s Inside booking, sarcasm. Andra Day is terribly talented, but not my jam. LL Cool J was the throwback performance we deserved. The Naked and Famous used black and white outfits and high energy from the crowd to fill a memory card. #jumpshot Blue Healer won the day for the locals, strong set getting the crowd to stop and listen. Two Door Cinema Club put down the best festival set, admitting the crowd, in spite of how favorably they responded to the new songs, wanted bangers. Finally, I finished with a little Connor Oberst before heading out.

Read on past the break and then look at the pretty pictures.

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Fun Single from Clip Art

clipsI always like to kick Monday’s off with something spirited and slightly on the pop edge, so I figured you’d be best suited if you jammed this new tune from Clip Art.  The band has a really lofty vocal presence, somewhere between the early days of Vampire Weekend and Saint Motel, so those hooks are there.  There’s a steady groove to open up the track, but when they get to the chorus they really unleash the power, boosting the song further into fun spectrum.  This track will be featured on their delightful new album, Culler, which sees a release on March 31st.

Saint Motel Back with New EP

saintsWe’ve long supported the boys in Saint Motel; I personally love their use of piano keys in their tracks…there’s just something uplifting about that aspect of their craftsmanship. This particular track opens with that piano bounce, then builds to a swelling vocal hook, pushed even further by gang-vocals during the chorus.  If you listen to this song and your life doesn’t get instantly better, then perhaps you need to press play again because eventually your mind will give in to the band’s greatness.  This is the third track on the group’s forthcoming My Type EP, which is set to be released next week.

Fresh New Music from Saint Motel

Saint MotelHopefully you heeded our advice and caught Saint Motel‘s most excellent live show at Red 7 a few weeks back, but if not, then you’re lucky we’ve got a new tune for you to get ahold of today.  Our friends are currently working on writing new material for their next album, and they’ve allowed us to share the first hit (of many more I’m sure) from said record.  There’s horn’s a plenty, but it still maintains the group’s knack for gang vocals surrounding swelling pop moments.  If you’re down in spirit today, then just one listen will get you going; you should also revisit Voyeur…it’s a dandy.


Download: Saint Motel – My Type [MP3]

Show Preview: Saint Motel @ Red 7 (7/19)

Saint Motel

Date 7/19/13
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 via Transmission

We’ve follow Saint Motel for the last couple years here at ATH and we’re very excited to welcome the boys back into town on Friday night at Red 7.  Joining the band on stage you’ll get Moonlight Gram and local openers Hear Holiday.  Now it’s a busy Friday night in Austin so you’ve got tons of things to choose from, but make sure this show is on your list of options before you head out the door.


Download: Saint Motel – 1997 [MP3]

Top Albums of 2012: 100-51

It’s really hard to narrow down a list of Top Albums of 2012, especially when you have four contributors with different opinions.  We gave the reins to Nathan.Lankford and Nicole Baumann on this one, since they write the majority of the album reviews, but we all have a little representation within this.  Now, we do realize that our site has specialized tastes, so please realize that these are our OPINIONS.  You’re welcome to disagree, and, in fact, we encourage that process.  Also, we’re doing a Top 100 because so many records came out this year, it wouldn’t be fair to narrow it down.  Not to mention it might lead you to discover some hits you hadn’t heard about yet. Oh, and we don’t really like Frank Ocean or hip-hop…just a personal choice…here’s the first segment.

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Show Preview: Saint Motel @ Stubbs (8/4)

Date Saturday, August 4th
Location Stubbs
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $8 from Stubbs

Ladies and gentlemen, this is yet another friendly reminder from us here at ATH about the show we’re sponsoring on Saturday night over at Stubbs BBQ.  We’re honored to have our friends in Saint Motel in town, fresh off the release of their latest album Voyeur.  They’ll be joined by their touring partners Races, which just happens to be another group we adore, so you’re lucky to see two great bands in one evening, and on the cheap!  We hope you’ll come out and support us, and support the bands.


Download:Saint Motel – 1997 [MP3]


Download:Races – Lies [MP3]

Show Preview + Ticket Giveaway!!!

BUMP: We’re really stoked to be working with C3 this week to put on a great show over at Stubbs!  Two of our favorite bands will be rocking the venue that night for the cheap price of $8; you’ll get to see Saint Motel and Races.  Saint Motel just released Voyeur, which is one of the best pop rock records of the year, and Races are still out supporting Year of the Witch.  I can’t think of a better show to get your rock on this week, so we’re proud to be sponsor the gig.  And in doing so, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky person.  All you have to do is leave your favorite Olympian in the comment section (you know, to keep with the times), and we’ll pick our winner from there. Contest runs til Thursday night, and we’ll see you at the show Saturday.


Download:Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces [MP3]


Download: Races – Lies [MP3]

Stream Voyeur Album from Saint Motel Here!

Long have we praised the work of Saint Motel, so we’re pleased to offer the album stream for the band’s newest record, Voyeur (the album is out now!).  They’ve been generous enough to let us share it with you, but if you’re generous, you’ll pick up the physical copy, which features moving eyes in the sleeve! It’s pretty much a clever pop record that begs to be played again and again, and we’re also happy to announce we’ll be sponsoring the group’s show when they come to Austin on August 4th at Stubbs!  You can listen to the album stream HERE, and don’t forget to support the bands we love–and you love too! In case you forgot how much fun you could have jamming to this band, here’s a sample tune that’s also on the album stream.


Download:Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces [MP3]

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