Summer Pop from Saint Pepsi

saintsSeems like Saint Pepsi is gearing up to finish off your summer strong, offering up another great pop tune off his new 7″.  This jam trickles in a bit slowly, but then it spins into an upbeat number that deserves some time in your poolside playlist.  There’s a simplicity to this tune, bringing the hook immediately to your ears, rather than making you wait for it; it’s evident throughout the whole track.  You can grab this track at your local record store; it’s the B-side to the Fiona Coyne 7″ that is being released by Carpark Records today!

Feel Good with Saint Pepsi

saintpepsiFriday’s are for feeling good, forgetting the week behind you, and just having fun with your family and friends.  I’m pretty sure this single from Saint Pepsi will do precisely the trick; it’s like a more dance floor-ready version of Twin Shadow, with those sharp guitar cuts and infectious beats kicking things along.  This track is the featured tune on his Fiona Coyne 7″, which is being released via Carpark Records on August 12th.  If you’re in need of something to pick the day up, then turn the volume loud and spin this song a few times…your day will get better in no time.