Bauwaves Share Early Morning Summer

Austin outfit Bauwaves are gearing up for the release of their new LP, U R Everything in January, so today we’ve got their new video to share with you. The track has this jagged little indie rock vibe to it, almost as if the band can’t contain the music they’re about to unleash on all us. You can feel the tension in the vocals, the way the syllables are shaking to get out and crash down upon us; it’s a great way to set up the chorus from Lew Houston, who describes the song as a cathartic morning walk in Austin, helping him cope with a deep depression. Scuzzy and catchy, my favorite sort of indie rock; the tune appears on the new LP, out January 10th via Salinas Records.

Local Love: New Punk From Bauwaves

Bauwaves are a new band to our local scene, featuring ex-members of Wild America and The Fall. They’ve got their debut LP coming out this fall on Salinas Records, but for now we’ve got a little slice of their rambunctious punk energy in the form of “Just For Kicks.” The high energy of cymbal crashing percussion combined with the mega distorted guitar riffs and just slightly off-kilter vocals make for a riot of a track. Excited to see what comes next from this new project on the block–keep your eye out for Bauwaves around town.

Pop Vibes from Onsind

The UK seems to have an abundance of great pop bands at the moment, so feel free to add Onsind to you list of hit-makers. This week the group announced that they’ll be working with Salinas Records in the US for the release of their new album, We Wilt, We Bloom. These opening guitar moments definitely kick off the track by building towards the guitar-monies before natural bounce of the song joins in with the vocals. You’re likely to have the line “misery, misery, misery loves company” stuck in your head a bit, but that’s a the good thing about pop music…leaving you with something to take with you. Look for the group’s new album in January of next year!

Enjoy This Strawberry Runners Tune

The winds of fall have blown into Austin today, and what a perfect setting for this joyous Strawberry Runners track. Singer Emi Night has this inescapable voice, and while the volume itself is quiet, it’s still quite striking. Musically, this number is fairly stripped down, using light percussion and samples to create space for her voice and intricate little guitar lines; there’s a brief musical eruption near the 2 minute mark, adding a further fine touch. You’ll definitely find similarities to a young Jenny Lewis, particularly in the vocals. In the Garden, In the Night will be released on October 20th via Salinas Records.

Spot On Quirky Folk From Bonny Doon

Before today, I wasn’t too familiar with the likes of Detroit’s Bonny Doon, but now it’s safe to say that they’re on my radar for sure. The group is a four piece that began out of the ashes of several other punk bands, the members of Bonny Doon reportedly discovering their sound by playing as quietly as possible. The result is brilliant folksy indie rock, which you can hear for yourself on “I See You,” below. The song is a like an intricate tapestry of great one-liners that add up to a beautiful story. With soft spoken vocals and gentle guitars, it’s a melancholy track that’ll linger in your head for a while. Take a listen and look out for the band’s self-titled debut, which will be out March 10th on Salinas Records.


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I’m In Love with Swearin’

swearinThis track from Swearin popped up on Friday, and I’ve been spending my weekend pressing repeat over and over again.  I could say that it’s the slight drawl accompanied by a female backing vocal.  But, it might also be that I sort of see this group as the next logical step in the history of band’s aping Pavement.  The guitar playing is simple but crunchy in all the right places.  The group will be releasing their newest effort, Surfing Strange on November 5th via Salinas Records in the US, so you’ll do well to get this band on your radar; it should be their year if the album plays out like this tune.

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