Fresh Indiepop from Salt Lake Alley

I first caught wind of Salt Lake Alley when they dropped a 7″ over on Cloudberry Records about a year ago (also noting the Honeydrips lineage). They’re back with a brand new single, and I’m pretty sure it’ll make your Wednesday. It slinks in with this angular guitar stutter that opens into a more dreamy bounce, giving way for the vocals to swoop in and swoon, hanging the lines “you feel good/so do I” into thin air. Take a breath, and the guitars shuffle their dancing licks into the picture as the chorus forces your feet into flailing high kicks and a grin that’ll stain your face for hours to come. It’s energetic and poppy, with an underhanded charm that will have you coming back over and over again. You’re welcome.

Delightful Pop from Salt Lake Alley

It’s totally cool if you’re drawn into this new Salt Lake Alley tune because of the seductive indiepop vibe that opens the band’s latest single. But, don’t go too far down, as the band burst forth with a blast of pop rock that kicks in with an swagger. Still, the melody is the bread-and-butter of the tune, so they spin back to the soft pop stylings for the kids. A lot of movement within the confines, guaranteeing you won’t find yourself bored when you listen to this track on repeat. This track is the A side to a new 7″ the band are releasing with esteemed label Cloudberry Records later this Spring.