The Wild Kindness Share You’re the Only One

Back in 2018 we were constantly jamming to Happy Now, the first LP from San Francisco’s the Wild Kindness. But, news came across our desks today that the band are ready for LP2, and with that, we’ve got the album’s first single. They’ve take their jangling style and infused it with flares of Americana, such that it shares lineage with the band’s hometown sound of long ago. But, when you move into the chorus, that’s the sweet spot for the band…they up the ante on their melody, build in some fuzzier riffs and get ready to blast away filled with joyous energy. It’s a good jam, and one that appears on their new record, Faulty, which they’ll release on May 1st.

New Single from Video

First, this is Video out of the East Bay in Cali, not to be confused with the Austin band of the same name. Secondly, this band still rules, if not more so, but that’s just one man’s opinion. While they’re wrapping up their debut LP, they tossed up this really catchy number that takes on the class disparity in San Francisco; it’s super relatable for someone who has lived in Austin most of his life and can definitely see some similarities. Musically, there’s this insatiable bounce with these fuzzy pop guitars jangling up in the forefront; the vocals have this stylish indifference that feels just like the fog rolling in from the bag, wrapping up us in our favorite shade of cool. One song in, and I’m pretty sold on Video already. What say you?

Sheer Beauty From No Vacation

Hey now and happy Tuesday! Recent Brooklyn by way of San Francsisco transplant, No Vacation, has been building up a lot of buzz over the last few years with their whimsical, light and dreamy sound. This year the band plans to release a new EP entitled Phasing which is sure to yet again please the ever growing fan base. Prior to the October release date for the extended player, the band just dropped this new single “Estrangers”. It is another stellar entry in the band’s catalog which is helping to establish them as one of the best dream pop bands around.

Phasing will be released on October 18th via Topshelf Records.

Oscilla Shares Repeat Rerun

I’m guessing it’s because I’ve been hanging with 13 year olds all day (don’t be weird, I’m a teacher), but I’ve got an extra bit of pep in my step. This Oscilla tune is absolutely perfect for that mood, it only enhances today’s cheer. The whole tune is set to this steady roll of the snare layered atop a jumpy little piano line; atmospherics wash in and out, mostly wrapping the melody tighter around the track. Frances England, meanwhile, just has this voice that makes you feel like grabbing your best friends hand and bounding down the lane as sun sets; it’s joyous and thoughtful, and all the while familiar. Bet this track just made your day!

Lofi Legs Share Dreaming

A few EPs under their belt, and it sounds like Lofi Legs are set to drop their debut LP, Lamb. Our first listen is this lovable ditty that combines the playful with swelling harmonies mixed between real-life partners Maria and Paris. Aside from this slowly sidewinding guitar and recording fuzz, there’s really nothing else, yet that’s the magic the group share; they’re able to captivate listeners such as myself just relying upon simplicity and purity of melody. There’s this natural sense of longing, or perhaps yearning, that pervades the tune; one can only hope to enjoy the love penned on this number.

Spin This Tony Jay Tune

I’ve probably told everyone I know about the new Tony Molina record and how much I love it. Now there’s another Tony from California begging for my attention; this time it’s Tony Jay. The San Fran outfit have a slew of recordings beneath their belt, and they’ve readied a new one for us today. It’s a casual bit of bedroom pop that seems timeless; I’m particularly fond of the moments at 1:11 and 2:02 where the rest of the band aid in the chorus. Not only do I hear Tony M, but it sort of reminds me the later Hunx stuff too…clean and simple, but everlasting in your memory. Tony Jay has a brand new lathe cut 7″ available for you right HERE.

LoFi Pop from Blades of Joy

This Blades of Joy gem has been bouncing around the Internet for a wee bit, but I was out having one of those baby things, so forgive me for not being on the up and up. That being said, this is one of the songs I rushed to get up upon my return. You might be able to toss the group into any number of categories, but most importantly, you’ll keep coming back to celebrate how great the music is. There’s a noticeable indifference in the guitar work, and yet the vocals have this warmth that could soothe any listener. There’s this timelessness to it, wherein it could fit into any musical decade and make an impact. If you listen to any one song today, make this the one. The band’s self-titled LP will drop on September 21st via Melters.

Nice New Billy & Dolly Track

On a nice and sunny Wednesday morning, why not find some music that matches the weather with this new track called “Everything is Off” from San Fran based duo Billy & Dolly. The song has a nice, bright feel to it with a little bit of an Americana pop lean. It sort of reminds me of a mixture between The Magic Numbers and Fruit Bats. As always, I suggest you simply listen to the song and create your own opinions. I’m sure you’ll find a lot to like.

Billy & Dolly will release Five Suns on June 8th via Shit Krystal Records.

The She’s Drop New Video

Much has been said on ATH about San Francisco indie rockers The She’s over the last couple of years or so. It’s clear we are fans right? I’m continuing our fandom of the band with this sweet new single and video for “Sorry”. I love how this band can trick you into thinking this is going to be just simple, sort of upbeat indie rock song, but then they drop in a bridge about 2.5 minutes in with some heavily distorted guitars and power. Check it out below.

The She’s drop all female rock and roll quartet on November 17th via Empty Cellar Records.

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