Breezy Number From Sandy’s

Sandys_photo_Nick_AivesSan Francisco based songwriter Alexi Glickman has long been in the music game, but mostly as a member of critically acclaimed group The Boticellis.  Since the disbanding of that group, Glickman has branched out on his own with a solo project going by the name Sandy’s.  Serving as a preview of his new material is this mesmerizing new single called “Consolidated Identity”.  It’s a lovely and breezy pop tune complete with jangly guitars and quiet vocals best suited for cool afternoons sitting on your front porch.

Sandy’s new Prom EP will drop on July 24th.

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More Expansive Pop from Cats of Transnistria

transcatsIt’s difficult to capture the attention of modern listeners, especially with shorter attention spans and what not.  That being said, I beg you to really spend some time with the latest from Cats of Transnistria.  The song below changes landscapes from within the song, moving through gentle stages towards into more discordant moments, and then a return.  Their Away EP has been nothing if not captivating, allowing me to really sink into my listening experience as I indulge in this version of constructionist pop music; the EP is out next week from Soliti.  You can also check out the accompanying VIDEO.




Incredible Track From Andrew St. James

10007473_695907583820916_4119307996298473043_nWhile surfing around the net today looking for some tunes to share, I came across one of those rare songs that makes me stop and play it again, and then again… This track is called “Tapes” and is brought to us by a young man by the name of Andrew St. James.  When I first hit play, his take on songwriting really reminded me of some sort of weird combo between Dylan, Tallest Man on Earth, and even a bit of Ryan Adams.  We’re treated mostly to just a quickly strummed guitar as we’re lead through a wandering tune about love and love lost.  ASJ has a lot to say, so I suggest you start paying attention to this young man (he’s only 19).

Pick up new album, The Shakes, on October 28th.


Download: Andrew St. James – Tapes [MP3]

Melted Toys Offer Up Dreamy Pop

meltedtoysThose of you who enjoy the works of Twerps, Kurt Vile and Real Estate should pay close attention to what’s going on with Melted Toys.  The San Francisco band has a knack for writing these really relaxed guitar pop songs, with excellent craftsmanship.  There’s a slight bounce to the latest single, “Observations,” but the tune is so relaxed that you might not even notice it if you didn’t pay close attention to the drum beat.  It’s a sign that the band’s debut self-titled effort will be a relaxed bit of dreamy pop tunes to wash over you while you’re chilling out this summer; it’ll be released by Underwater Peoples on July 15th.

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SXSW 2014 Interview: Happy Diving

happySanFrancisco’s Happy Diving dwell in the realms of catchy guitar pop.  At times it’s completely noisy, but other times it’s filled with well crafted melodies that allow for maximum emotional involvment from listeners.  Their s/t EP for Father Daughter Records was a short blast of fun, and I expect their shows during SXSW to be filled with that same sense of revelry.  We caught up with Matt Berry from the group to grab a quick interview. Read more

SXSW 2014 Interview: Cocktails

601398_405080359582896_591050954_nI’m most definitely a sucker for some good crisp power-pop, which is one of the reasons I love the work of San Francisco’s Cocktails.  It doesn’t hurt that some of their work for Father Daughter Records was recorded by Matthew Melton of Warm Soda.  These guys are high up on my list of bands to catch at SXSW, and after reading a few words from the Patrick Clos and Lauren Matsui, maybe you’ll feel the same. Read more

More New Music From The Visibles

the_visiblesEarlier this month, I found myself taking a liking to this new band from California going by the name The Visibles.  After that initial interest peaked, I started checking out more of the band’s music and found this new track “Trestled in Trees” floating around the interwebs.  It’s more of a slow crooner when compared to the earlier song I posted.  Nothing wrong with that if you ask me.

Once again, a new self-titled LP will be out on September 10th.

Download: The Visibles – Trestled In Trees [MP3]

Part Time – PDA

MEX130-Cover-500Rating: ★★★★☆

San Francisco’s Part Time already have one album under their belt, but it’s their newest record, PDA that really shows the group’s acceleration into the upper tier of small-time indie bands.  This collection of songs is filled with dreamy touches and swinging guitar lines that allow for musical escapism of the best sort, letting you drift into the caverns of your mind.

Opening numbers “I Want to Go” and “How Do I Move On” set the emotive quality of PDA, bringing in guitar lines that, while angular, maintain an essence of escapism, encouraging you to let yourself go as those chords seem to drift into the distance.  The haunting warmth of David Speck’s vocals on these tracks further push you into a state of mind that leaves you relaxed; these aren’t forced sounds, rather they unfold slowly as dream pop should.

Of course, Part Time isn’t here merely to lull you to sleep with their melodies.  They also push you towards that slow 80s body sway, especially on a song like “Living in the USA.”  For my two cents, this track wouldn’t be out-of-place in a lot of nostalgic dance collections, though it maintains a softer touch, perhaps perfect for a closing dance scene in a John Hughes flick.  Similarly, “Sonando de Ti,” uses the group’s synth-orchestrated backbone to kick things off into a sultry groove.  It never hurts, for this listener at least, to have lyrics thrown my way in Spanish.  But, while the group’s nod to the past is definitely fresh in sound, the group fares far better when they employ more prominent guitar work.

“I Belong to You” is the track from PDA that resonates the most.  The vocal delivery is lackadaisical, yet still has an element of smoothness to it that makes things endearing.  All the while the guitar chords provide a crisp cut throughout, increasing my willingness to float away in my mind with this number.  Also, the guitar chords make way for a wash of synths on and off, which serve a nice accent, but don’t dominate the track as they do in other spaces on the record.  Attention to detail goes a long way to making this one of the tracks that stands out in the ears of the listener.

While the opening moments hint at a collection full of dream pop hits, Part Time clearly has other place they’re willing to journey off into, such as “Funny Moods” with its bouncy rhythm.  This actually serves the whole of PDA well, as you don’t get stuck treading in one place, one sound.  You’ll find yourself getting carried away, yet you’ll be pulled into the songs as you explore the intimate details lurking here and there.  It all leaves you with a diverse listening experience that both excites you and allows for escapism…the perfect blend for a solid album.

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Upbeat Tune from Painted Palms + Free EP

paintedpalmsWe’ve covered Painted Palms before, and now we’ve all got even more reason to celebrate, as the group has just put up the FREE Nothing Lasts Long EP for your ears.  According to our sources, the story behind the release was for the duo to experiment with the worlds where psychedelia and electronica collide; they even intended to create is as a mixtape of sorts.  I’m really digging this tune below, with a really solid groove that grabs you from the get go.  You can grab yourself this rad little EP HERE.


Download: Painted Palms – Upper Floors [MP3]

New Music from Burnt Ones

BurntOnes2013_1You looking for a bit of glam pop to brighten your day? Well, that’s precisely what you’ll get when listen to this new tune from San Fran’s Burnt Ones.  The band just announced they’ll be releasing their second LP on Burger Records on April 30th; it’s titled You’ll Never Walk Alone (I hope these guys don’t like Liverpool!). There’s a fuzzy guitar that rings in the opening of this tune, just before the clapping and stomping begins.  It’s immediately catchy, but it’s not sugary, using a little grit to make the song sound just a bit dirtier.  Nice little ditty for a Monday.

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