Get Weird With Mr. Divisadero

mr-divisadero-promo-2015-650x400The story of Mr. Divisadero is a long one, and I won’t bore you with some long, drawn out story here (Pop Matters has a good full length).  My short version tells it that co-founders of record label Axis Mundi happened upon a long since lost album, got in touch with the original band members, and decided to release the damn thing because the tunes are so rad.  So after nearly a decade of being forgotten, we are treated to some tunes from our yesteryears in the form of this hot new track “Dreams”.  I dig the quirky, yet bright pop sounds created here complete with riffing guitars and interesting vocals.  Maybe the band will reunite and tour the country?

Pick up Mr. Divisadero’s debut, self-titled album on September 4th via Axis Mundi Records.


Pleased to Meet You: Fine Steps

finestepsOne of the greatest things I remember about being a kid was following labels like Lookout or Dischord or Matador, knowing that I’d love whatever they put out.  It’s a good thing I still stick to that sort of attitude, which is why I chose to check in today with Volar Records, who’ve put out things by Tropical Popsicle and Window Twins, to name but a few. One outfit they’re working with, though I don’t know much else, is San Fran group, Fine Steps. The group released a pretty solid LP in 2012 titled Boy’s Co, but it seems they’ve got something new in the works. This song has some heavy vocals over this old school punk rock work.  If this jam isn’t making your day, then I don’t know what else to tell you, but I’m glad I stumbled upon it today.

Clever Girl Pop from Anna Hillburg

annaI’m a sucker for a female singer, especially one who can carefully craft a pop ditty with ease.  This is much the case with San Francisco’s Anna Hillburg who just released her self-titled album on California Clap Records.  “Wine In a Tea Cup” is a pretty simple track here, pushed forth by a quiet drum track and some keyboard-ish accompaniment.  She’s joined at times during the chorus by the perfectly placed backing vocal; all of this works together to make a joyous little number that you can definitely spin over and over again.  Girl power!