Drifting Pop from Ruby Haunt

On this new Ruby Haunt tune, the synth that opens the track took me somewhere unexpectedly. It’s sonically similar to the electronic sound used by M83 for “I Guess I’m Floating,” which immediately let me escape my body for a minute. I welcomed a collision of worlds, and only returned when the vocals just gently decided to walk into the tune. Interestingly, and perhaps induced by my M83 comparison, this song evokes some grand feeling of contemplation, of just getting lost in your own headspace. It’s a good way to spend a few minutes, warm electronic melodies and soft vocals letting you leave the world around you, albeit for just a moment. The band will release Blue Hour in September.

Super City Impress With New Single

If you’re searching for something new and unique to listen to today, I suggest you check out the new single “Sanctuary” from Baltimore based band Super City. What I love about this song is it’s total inability to be pinned down to one genre. One commenter on YouTube called it “freak wave” which seems fitting as the song blends equal parts rock n roll with fun, danceable pop music. Call it what you will, you can’t deny those guitars are super badass.

Super City will release Sanctuary on September 7th.