Scott and Charlene’s Wedding Share Back in the Corner

It’s weird to think of Scott and Charlene’s Wedding as a great little secret, but sometimes it still feels like that, even after their growing collection of releases. Today they return with the announcement of their new EP, When in Rome, Carpe Diem…and an accompanying single. This particular number seems far more rooted in the nostalgic rock of the States, as opposed to the band’s home of Australia. There are some understated jangles in the guitar lines, but the curl of the vocals definitely makes me think about everything in my dad’s record collection from the 60s/70s; I don’t mind that notion not one bit. Looks like the new EP will be dropped at the end of November.

Another Scott and Charlene’s Wedding Hit

scottandcharleneYep, this song rules. I think I’m in love with the direction Scott & Charlene’s Wedding are going, after offering up a pop hit from their new album…they turn to this more ramshackle ground. Now, that being said, there’s still some inherent pop sensibility, though with rougher edges…like a long lost TV Personalities track…or maybe early Parquet Courts for those just now catching on to things. This song features on the band’s new album, Mid Thirties Single Scene, which is being released by Fire Records on September 2nd.

Brand New Music from Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

scottandcharleneTime for your weekly Australia feel, and I couldn’t think of a better way to dip my toes into Oceania than to turn up this rad new track from Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. While it definitely wears the influence of the current Aussie guitar scene, my ears hear it throwing things all the way back to late 80s college rock; I can almost hear Wire in the way the vocals are delivered too, emphatically shouted at various syllables. This tune will appear on their brand new album, Mid Thirties Single Scene, which is coming out on September 9th via Fire Records.