Sweet Release of the Week: Seatraffic – Beauty in the Night

seaSeptember and October are chock full of releases almost every week, and this week there were some real gems out there.  I picked up the new Jonly Bonly and Avi Buffalo, but was unable to find this Seatraffic LP.  I like the progress the duo has made in their songwriting.  Here you’ll here a pulsing electronic beat that meets the rising vocal melody, while drums roll about in the background.  Beauty in the Night is definitely worth spending some time with, whether that be just today by listening HERE, or by finding yourself a nice copy to play at home. You’ll find that you enjoy things quite a bit, and then the world/week will feel just right.


Download: Seatraffic – Beauty in the Night [MP3]

Enjoy Some Seatraffic

a4200539623_10Did I mention that we love Seatraffic?  Well if I didn’t, it’s time for you to start paying more attention my friend.  The band is a personal favorite of mine and I’m excited today to share with you their latest single “Man On the Coast”.  Within we are treated to a delightful atmospheric pop number that is sure to enchant your day.  Recognize.

Pick up a new album by the band called Beauty in the Night out September 9th.  Pre-order?

Beautiful New Tune from Seatraffic

seatrafficHey. You. What are you doing? Nothing? I’ve got something for you to do, and it’s important.  Our current favorite duo Seatraffic has just released yet another single from their single series, and it’s possibly their best to date, in my opinion.  You need to do yourself a favor and go grab the tune from their page, not to mention all the other singles.  In this tune, the trickling bit of electronics floats effortlessly throughout the tune, atop careful percussion and a gentle melody.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening to this track another one-hundred times today, especially considering the beautiful closing moments of the tune.  Be sure to donate to the band via their page so they know you love them like we do.


Download: Seatraffic – Conscious Awake [MP3]

Sweeping Pop from Seatraffic

TempoOfRegret_artworkI’ve written about my love for Seatraffic before, and as the band continues to work hard on their single series, I’ve got another great tune to share with you.  I like the expansiveness of this track, using a trickling bit of keyboard to allow room for the floating harmonies to move in and out of the track.  Vocals are slow moving, matching the pace that the music (and artwork) emits.  They’ve also got an accompanying video for the song that you can view HERE.  Don’t forget to stop by the group’s BANDCAMP page to pick up all their new singles by kindly donating what you can spare.


Download: Seatraffic – Tempo of Regret [MP3]

More New Music from Seatraffic

seatrafficI really like the dichotomy of the sound Seatraffic are creating at the moment.  Your first direction has you leaning towards a sort of electro bedroom pop, but the feeling of the vocals has more of a sprawling psych rock feeling behind it.  It makes for more than just your casual listen, providing the band with another certifiable hit from a few singles they’ll be tossing out in the up-coming months. If you’re in search of something that’s fairly unique, let your ears feats on this new song, and look out for more in the future.


Download:Seatraffic – Superficial Heart [MP3]

New Music from Seatraffic

Lately I’ve begun to think of San Francisco as the mecca of psychedelic tunes and new age punk rock sounds, but that’s not all the city has to offer.  One listen to Seatraffic and you’ll see that even dreamy bedroom pop has it’s place on the West Coast, and we’re grateful you can craft music like this anywhere.  The duo has kindly let us share the B-Side to their upcoming 7″, and we’re pretty sure you’ll dig the stripped down emotional effect that remains central to the song.  You’ll be able to order your own copy of the recording on August 1st if you know what’s good for ya.


Dark Pop-Gaze from Seatraffic

If you’re in the search for some brooding pop music, then you better press play on this new Seatraffic jam as quick as you can.  It takes almost a minute to build into the lyrics, but once the vocals come in, the dark undertones make way for the rest of the song to settle into a nice groove.  The San Francisco-based group will be releasing their latest 7″ on a limited vinyl release come August 1st, and this is the A-side for that release.  Subtle dark undertones always make for great listening, no matter what mood you find yourself in at the moment. Give a listen.


Download:Seatraffic – Crimes [MP3]