Flying Fish Cove Deliver Classic Indiepop

Flying Fish Cove is the latest pop export from Seattle, immediately setting the charm levels on high as soon as you press play on their latest EP. The opening tune “Sleight of Hand” kicks in with those jangling chords with furious drumming speed to set the tone behind Dena’s vocals. They settle down for a brief moment on the following tune, but jump right back into the bread-and-butter bouncing indiepop you’ll need to get through the rest of this week. I especially like how “Pony Bracelet” seems to operate in varying segments, all of which could hint at the band’s sound in the future…or maybe not. Check out the whole EP right below or grab it from Jigsaw Records!

Poppy Ditty from Cozy Slippers

Beneath the rain in Seattle is a shimmering pop underbelly, or at least that’s what this new track from Cozy Slippers would have you believe. The band drop this new single today, hanging jangling guitar lines out in the air while the duel vocal threat of Barbara and Sarah supply the required amount of melody. That melodic element almost hints at the realm of dream pop, accented by a seemingly smoky mix in the studio. The trio will release their Postcards EP via the reliable Jigsaw Records on April 20th.

Get Serenaded By Scott Yoder

After many years fronting Seattle based band The Pharmacy, Scott Yoder stepped out on his own last year with surprising debut Looking Back in Blue. Well he’s back at it again this year with an album in the works entitled A Fool Aloof coming later this year on Burger Records (pre-order here). To preview the new material, Scott sent over his latest single “Ways of Love”. I love the throwback style of the song as Yoder croons to us over a psych themed background. I’ve already hit repeat on this one about 5 times today…

Greenway Records is releasing a 7″ vinyl version of the song available on September 28th. Pre-order that one too while your at it.

Rock Out With Great Grandpa

Seattle is often a place for guitar heavy rock music, and hometown band Great Grandpa really are no different. The band recently shared this new track “Teen Challenge” and it is a welcome bit of rock music in this sometimes diluted indie world. Guitars are heavy, drums are nice and loud, and I love the vocal delivery with the occasional Buddy Holly style hiccup. What’s not to like?

Great Grandpa will release their debut album Plastic Coughon July 7th via Double Double Whammy.

Show Review: Band of Horses ACL Taping (10/2)

boh2As the ACL Music Festivities came to a close a stones throw away from downtown Austin on Sunday evening, Seattles Band of Horses found themselves hanging in the balance between two very different musical settings. On Friday night, the band performed for the mass festival crowd in front of thousands at Zilker Park which brings a certain degree of exuberance and community, yet still slightly impersonal vibe. Struggling with sound bleed from adjacent stages, the quieter moments which the band is well known for dont lend themselves well. Sunday night however, they graced the Austin City Limits stage for the second time (Season 36, 2010) for a deeply personal and cathartic experience for audience and band alike, showing that the band is a true master of dynamic range when given the proper venue. Hit the jump for more.

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Quirky Pop From iji

unnamedWe ATH kids have a thing for pop music, especially pop music that might be a little bit on the weird side. Today we are treated to a bit of quirky pop music with this new single “Summer of 2069” via Seattle based pop group iji. The vocals here remind me a bit of Destroyer, while the music is almost like early Of Montreal. This is good stuff.

iji will drop Bubble on July 29th via Team Love Records.

Stream Tincho’s Nos Vemos EP

TINCHO-PROMO-PICA couple of weeks ago I shared with you guys a new single from up and coming Seattle based outfit Tincho and many of you have requested to hear more. Well today your wishes are granted with a stream of Tincho’s entire new EP Nos Vemos! I’ve already shared my comparisons with my previous posts so now I simply recommend that you spend some time with this 5 song album today. I promise you won’t regret it.

You can also get a download of the EP for only $2 over on bandcamp. $2 only!

More From Boyfriends

boyfriendsWe’ve already posted a couple of new songs from Seattle based group Boyfriends over the last two months and it’s clear that we are all fans of the band. With that said, it seems obvious for me to share this new single from the band today entitled “Pleasures”. Once again we are treated to a brief, yet energetic and catchy tune full of brightness and fun. Seriously, you really can’t deny this.

Don’t forget to pick up their new 7″ featuring this song and two others later this month on Gold Van Records.

Boyfriends Drop New Single

boyfriendsThis is Boyfriends, not Boyfriendz. This is Seattle rock n’ roll at its greatest pinnacle. Creativity and catchiness, propelled by a band sending out a message to the masses in everything they do. Of course, it has to be fitting that they’ll be touring soon with their like-minded friends Tacocat. You want an energetic bouncer to kick off your Monday in a spastic manner? Dig into this track, and then keep an eye out for their new 7″ later on this month via Gold Van Records.

Bright Pop from Boyfriends

boyfriendsBare with this track; I know the opening 30 seconds are a bit strange, but this new Boyfriends tune is definitely a fun bit of pop music to kick off the week. There’s angular guitar stabs accented by synth stabs. Vocals are delivered in an off-kilter manner, leaving listeners with distinct memories; hold on for the chorus too, and the voice gets some warm harmonizing by the best of the band. Pop music, and this brand of pop in particular, is meant to be fun, so sit back and enjoy yourself. Why so serious?

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