Seazoo Ready Their Debut Album, Drop New Single

Having already written about the forthcoming Seazoo album, I’d be remiss if I didn’t drop this new single. While it opens noisily, all things considered, the group settle into a subtle groove, riding guitar lines and shared vocal duties. There’s a noisy little ambling in the song’s mid-point, allowing the group to flex their songwriting chops. But, little keyboard notes trickle in, joined by the male/female vocal duet, crashing down in pure pop fashion, taking us to the song’s end. Another little ditty that pretty much guarantees the band will have a hit on their hands when Dig is released on January 26th.

Jam This New Seazoo Pop Tune

When I first pressed play, the synth work led me to believe that I was about to embark on a psychedelic journey with Seazoo. But, they quickly take the jam element from the intro, turn into a crisp guitar jam that allows for the dreamy vocal delivery that elevates the band into perfect pop. I like the momentary respite pulling back just before the 2 minute mark, awaiting the band to catch up and stomp their way joyously to the end. The Welsh outfit will be releasing their debut album this November…should be a winner.

Fresh Pop from Seazoo

You want to meet the next great pop group? Then just listen to Seazoo, and do it today. This song opens up well enough, playfully getting into your ear with a shimmering guitar dancing in the distance. Still, you have to at least make it to the 51st second of the tune, as it’s immediately going to carry you away into a euphoric bliss; I haven’t heard a hook this good in 2017. It’s okay, you’re right to feel uplifted; you’re right to grab your neighbor and celebrate life. Play this song as much as you want, and just wait for more pop from this Welsh bunch…they’re polishing up their debut LP.