The GOA Express Share Second Time Video

Listening to this new GOA Express tune, there’s all sort of reasons to fall in love with it, and honestly, I’m not sure what I’m quite fawning over. Those light jangling guitars give me just the right dose of guitar pop; they’re crisp but sedate too, so they kind of leave all this room for the vocals to sort of shimmy in and out. Speaking of those vocals, there’s this great familiarity to them, and while I’m currently unable to place them, they definitely reek of 90s Britpop, something I’ll never shy away from. Touch of nostalgia, touch of pop…now all you need is a touch to your wallet to pre-order the band’s new 7″ dropping in June via Ra Ra Rok.

Red Sleeping Beauty Return with Second Time

Red Sleeping Beauty were meant to be joined on stage at last year’s Cologne Popfest by Mary from Even as We Speak, so they did the next best thing and got Mary to join them on a track for their forthcoming record. The song’s a masterful bit of driving synth pop, running with a heavy beat that seems built for late nights and neon lights. But, as much as the energy has this dance floor fit, Mary’s softness does a good job of keeping the tune elegant, giving it this confidence that shows signs of a huge record coming our way. This tune’s available now via Matinee Recordings, with the album to follow later this year!