Show Preview: Mothers @ Stubbs (Tonight)

mothersThere’s a bit going on tonight, but one band that should be on your radar is Mothers. The Athens band has been making quite a name for themselves over the last year, culminating with the release of their excellent debut, When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired. I caught the group during SXSW, and they delivered a powerful performance; it’s one that might even surprise you if you’ve spent a great deal of time with their record (as you should have!). They’ll also be joined by Sego on the evening, so you get two great acts for a reasonable price. Doors are at 8, with tickets still available HERE.

Sego Stream New Single

segoOnce Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around is only a few weeks away from its release, and this track here should definitely increase your interest in Sego. My ears play tricks on me with the latest single, trying to determine where the guitar chords seemingly go in and out of tune; it’s an interesting effect that’s buoyed by the precision drum work. This might not be breaking down any barriers, but it’s execution makes it an enjoyable tune you can spin again and agin. Look for the new album on Dine Alone on March 4th. The group will also be following the release up with a little tour, including some SXSW dates.

Another Gem From Sego


I have been on a quest recently for a proper summer jam that jumps out in the lead of this year’s crop of summer jams; lots of good offers, but missing a real hooked up ditty. I’m not sure this song is THE summer jam, but it is damn good and Sego went from a Soundcloud find to an ATH favorite over the last six months. The last track shared was Rapture-esque burner, this is a friendly pop dance song that begs for a cocktail with an umbrella in it and some floaties.

They’ll be at The Mohawk on 9/12 opening for El Ten Eleven. Let’s fool around.

Get Your Day Going with Sego

segoThere was a  time in the early 00s when the indie sphere was filled with the energetic dance punk scene, breaking bands like LCD Soundsystem, the Rapture and even Electric Six.  Some of those bands lasted, some ended, but this new track from Sego sounds like a throwback to that throwback. I can see how the vocal set up reminds some folks of LCD, but I think the rhythm work, like the percussion and the bass grooves has more of a leaning towards the impact of the Rapture (which was always my favorite of that era). They’ve just signed on with Dine Alone Records to release their Long Long Way from the Fringe EP in September. Enjoy this jam.

Have a Nice Weekend

1962514_636580363075782_1160625406_oThe weather has lifted. That bright thing is the sun. Prepare for the cedar onslaught.

Here is a lovely little PYAITK jam from a band called Sego. I was checking out another little news bit about a Kitsune Maison release that is pending when a little trip to their Soundcloud to see what’s doing yielded a play of this song below. It is called “Wicket Youth”. Dig it.