The Color Waves Drop Self-Titled LP

It’s possible that you might have missed the new Color Waves LP over the weekend, but my goal this week has been to bounce back on some great releases I’ve been in love with on my end. It’s actually been 5 years since I’ve heard anything from this outfit…that was their lone 7″ on Cloudberry Records in 2015. I’d love to cram this down your throat as an indiepop staple for 2020, but to be fair, it feels like so much more, like a pop tree branching out to tickle the various sub-genres. For a great deal, they remind me an awful lot of the Lucksmiths, using these jangling guitar notes in a more slower fashion, dragging every last drop of melody from each note, letting harmonics float into the ether. It feels like a fireside record where you can curl up with someone you love and share in the simple joys of a truly great LP. The Color Waves is available now in all the usual spots! It should also say something that Jeremy Jensen of The Very Most (who I covered yesterday) bought this album! You know what to do!

Mamalarky Share You Make Me Smile Video

Avid Mamalarky fan here, and ready for you to really sit back and enjoy this new track from the group. If you’d caught the earlier singles this year, you might find this one as more of a contemplative approach, but its equally as rewarding, if not more so in my opinion. It opens creeping along with Livvy’s vocals wrapping around the tight little guitar notes; a careful ear will hear slight little electronic bubbles and tiny drops of feedback fuzz. It all sets up the listener for the perfect chorus drop at the 1:20 mark…you build the tension, release the emotion, and we’re all hooked. Okay, so I’m at least speaking for myself, but I imagine you can’t turn away from those sweet playful notes either. Still, the group retreat into the comfort of their quiet shell, spending a little time with the ornate approach from earlier in the tune, only to kick back in with that huge hook. They drop their self titled album on November 20th via Fire Talk.

Yore Shares Debut Single

Callum Brown has been part of the greater music community for a few years, spending time playing with Ulrika Spacek and Mint Field, among others. But, now there is the new project Yore, largely a solo venture wherein Brown has gathered friends to work on the project. This tune, for instance, features Katie Drew of White Flowers offering vocals to Callum’s wash of fuzzy guitars and looped beats. It’s like a melting pot where you get the sort of intoxication from the pop element, yet there’s still this careful heaviness, toying playfully with the boundaries of shoegaze; I’m quite fascinated to hear what the rest of the forthcoming album will sound like. Yore plans to drop the self-titled debut this December, so stay tuned for more tracks!

Stream Brain Drugs Self Titled LP

We first got wind of Australian instrumental duo Brain Drugs when they shared “Nightshift” single with us, along with its accompany video. Today, we kick off a case of the Thursdays by offering a stream of their new LP, a way to ease into your day with a little bit of curiosity and wonder. For me, there’s this primal nature that seems to seep through your speakers, perhaps due to the simplicity of keyboards and drums; the drum work always seems like the soundtrack to a march of humans. Still, perhaps you turn to a song like “Moulds” that spews this warmth from the synth sounds. Little twists and turns weave you through this instrumental landscape, so time for you to maze your way through these sounds. All proceeds from the album go to Victorian Aboriginal Legal Services.

Rock n’ Recipes: Rules


We’re nearly 3/4 of the way through what has been a crazy ride of a year, and for me, I’ve really delved into two things, cooking and music. Cooking for my family, just for joy and taking up time, and music for my solace. So, I thought why not combine the two with a new feature we could run…highlight some great music and some great food. We begin this journey by reaching out to Sarra Keppola of Rules; we talk about the band’s debut LP, literature and, of course, her recipe for Overnight Focaccia. They release their self-titled album this Friday via Soliti Music! Read more

Archaeas Announce Self Titled Debut

Had some mellow tunes on the playlist for today, so felt like we need something fresh and loud to knock down the doors a little, which works since Archaeas just announced their debut LP today. The band began as the project of Violet Archaea while coming to terms as a trans artists living Kentucky, though its since been fleshed out to a trio. Thematically, the album is a nod to Wild Zero, where Guitar Wolf help a trans heroine save Earth, but it also pulls into play the “anxiety and pressure of living in today’s world.” You can feel that in the song, you can feel the angst, the push back against the shittiness of everything around us, which only serves to drive the song home. Their self titled debut drops on September 18th via Goner Records.

Haiku Hands Drop Fashion Model Art

After being holed up in my house for the last several months, I won’t deny that I could definitely use something for those at-home dance parties I’ve been throwing with my wife and daughter. This new tune from Haiku Hands definitely is one such track, throwing it back to those catchy little beats from 80s pop tracks; I honestly feel like I’m being transported back to a time when pop music was purely about fun. It doesn’t hurt they get a nice little hook tossed in from Sofi Tukker, who happen to be no stranger to crafting delectable dance treats. Sample this one, and prepare for their self titled LP out on September 10th via Mad Decent.

New Music from Andre Salvador & the Von Kings

Andre Salvador & the Von Kings are a new act on my radar, owed entirely to their new work with up-and-coming label Last Night from Glasgow. Today they announce their new LP, and do so with this power-pop rocker that should have you tapping your toes as you memorize the chorus. I think songwriter Tim Cheplick even coyly drops the band’s sound into his lyrics; I mean, he flat out says “here’s another heavy soft sound.” There’s a crunchiness to the guitars throughout, though you can’t turn away from the hooks and the melodic playfulness popping in and out of the vocals. Pop rock should always sound this good. You can find the track on their self-titled album, out on August 31st!

Galore Drop Cucaracha Video

As a kid, I remember being in love with the sound of punk and grunge upon my introduction to it all; it felt like something I could do, something that was attainable (the sound/not stardom). Somewhere, sitting in their bedroom right now is a similar kid, waiting for that same door to open, that same sound; please play them this song from Galore. The band’s guitar sound has this sharp angular stabs and guitar riffs, which can come across as frantic at times, matching up with the vocal howls. When the whole group joins in on the vocals, this is what rock n’ roll should feel like, to me anyways; it has this rapturous joy, even when the tone seems harsh. Everything about this song, from the music itself to the video makes you want to be part of the fun; makes you want to start a band, makes you want to be part of something bigger than yourself…that’s what rock n’ roll should be. If you dig it, look for their self titled album on June 1st via Rocks in Your Head Records.

Jetstream Pony Share Trapped in Amber

Amidst the Friday bandcamp fanaticism, music world still went on, so I wanted to be sure you didn’t skip over the latest single from Jetstream Pony and their forthcoming self-titled LP. To me, this is one of those classic guitar pop tracks; the guitars ring, with just the faintest jangling dangling out in the air; the drums are sharp and steady, keeping things on track with just the right punchiness. Of course, it only succeeds if the vocals wash over us, blowing cooly through the speakers like that feather in Forest Gump. The band will release their self-titled LP on May 22nd via Shelflife and KUS, but you better hurry, as there aren’t many copies left!

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