Stream the Debut LP from Odd Hope

Ever since I first heard Odd Hope, I wanted to share it with people. But, until recently there have only been a handful of tunes floating about…until today…you can now string the debut LP in its entirety. While the more spirited numbers are always appealing, like “We Belong” or “Come On Down if You Want To,” there are still some more subdued tunes within that really emphasize the songwriting ability of Tim Tinderholt. If you like your pop music written for no one, then this is perfect for every one. The self-titled LP will be available from Fruits and Flowers on December 1st.

Don’t Sleep on The Dayoffs

We’re nearing the end of the year, and as such, I’m digging through missed emails and missed bands, which is where I found the latest single from The Dayoffs. The band blends heavy guitar pop with slight touches of indiepop, especially in the way the vocals are pulled off. And, like all the great guitar music, it’s fast and quick, leaving you salivating for more of sugary hooks. The band just dropped their self-titled debut record last Friday, and it’s definitely something worth spinning a time or two.

Check This Video from Xenoula

The talk of late has been the return of Fever Ray, and yeah, nice to have her back, but the album was just okay, in my mind. Instead, I’m enjoying the world being crafted by Xenoula. This video does seem to share a slight resemblance to the aforementioned act, though I feel as if the pop-centric vibe that permeates the song further its appeal. The vocals sound more crisp, and with fewer studio touches; the little whispers do add a bit of oddity/haunt to the tune. Xenuola will be releasing her self-titled album on November 24th, so indulge in this number while you wait!

Have a Listen to Guiding Light

Put our soap opera jokes aside, as Guiding Light mean business. Members of the band have a huge pedigree that would excite most fans, but I’ll let you find that info on your own, as the story should be this great track we’re sharing with you today. Think about the atmospheric soul of Spiritualized opening the track, stretching delicately across the song’s first 2 minutes. Then you’re immediately washed in noise and distortion, with just the faintest glimmer of vocals before the track settles back into its angelic exploration. The band is set to release their self-titled LP this Friday via Bleeding Gold, and it promises to be favored by the multitudes in search of spirituality in their music.


Download the Newsletters Latest LP

I was first directed towards the Newsletters by way of the band’s association to Tam Matlakowski, who played with the group during the recordings of this self-titled effort. It’s difficult to pigeonhole this album, with indiepop flourishes, post-punk rhythms and just straight up rock n’ roll. I’d start with “Tuesday” or “Don’t Let Me Walk Away;” with the latter fusing power-pop vibes with touches of psychedelic guitar flare. The good thing is that you can enjoy the entire LP for the mere price of a mouse click, as they’re currently giving it away. Lucky for us!

Fresh Tunes from Blush

What began as bedroom project for Maura Lynch has now evolved into Blush…a band fleshed out by members of Pill and Pop. 1280. The impressing bit in this new single is that the group still manages to capture the intimacy of a bedroom recording; Maura’s vocals are almost like quiet whispers, so as not to wake the others in the house. Still, there’s plenty of little artful flourishes, like the sharp guitar plucks that permeate through the track’s natural melody or the buzz in the quiet distance. Look for the band’s self-titled LP to drop on December 8th via Arrowhawk Records.

Brand New Ephrata Tune

Seattle’s Ephrata have been hard at work on their new self-titled album, and it sounds like the efforts are going to pay off. I’ve been impressed with a few of the singles I’ve heard already, but this bouncing new tune’s going to win over a whole slew of folks. It almost carries that a classic girl group vibe, though with just a bit of haziness. That’s perfectly juxtaposed to the rhythm section kicking in some great pace and energy. They ride the track off into the pop horizon, guaranteeing a joyous ride for listeners. Look for their album on September 22nd.

Yet Another Great Track from Joseph Childress

Clearly I’ve been fawning over Joseph Childress as the date draws near for the release of his self-titled LP on Empty Cellar Records. Today I have another reason to celebrate as Childress has shared one of the album’s standout tracks. It begins where we’ve seen him before, carrying that soft quiver in his voice as he stretches for angelic notes. But, this song builds and builds, bursting in this joyous eruption that illustrates just how far he can stretch that magical voice. A lot of folks try, but very few are able to achieve what Joseph does with this new track.

Late to This Alex Calder Track

Well, I’m finally making some headway on these emails from my vacation, and I’m grateful to have this Alex Calder tune sitting in the inbox. He’s just announced his new self-titled album via Captured Tracks on October 20th, and this lead single has a lot of promise. The song moves back and forth between bouncing guitar licks and softer moments to break up the pace. It’s not quite indie pop, yet not quite modern indie rock, finding that happy spot that should pique listeners before the record drops.

New Music from The Hayman Kupa Band

Darren Hayman and Emma Kupa have frequented my playing rotation throughout the last several years, sometimes together, but mostly separate. Fortunately for us all, they’ve been keeping their unique songwriting process going, and now have their self-titled album ready for our ears. Our first tease is this delightful new tune, illustrating how two great songwriters can up the ante by combining their powers together; I dig the way they play back and forth with varying lines. The song, aside from the vocals, has this relaxed pop feel to it; the guitar sound is great, particularly with that semi-Western chord sliding away behind “no more bombs.” Look for their finished album from Fika Recordings on July 21st.

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