More New Music from Mozes and the Firstborn

mozesA few weeks back I brought you “I Got Skills,” a mellow jam from Mozes and the Firstborn.  Now, they’ve got another new single with an accompanying video; it has the same swagger and cool that I enjoyed from the first single.  It’s the perfect pop song, with some hammering on the keys, shaking percussion and a solid melody that harkens to sunny days.  The group’s self-titled album is out now on cassette from the folks over at Burger Records, but you can also grab it from the band HERE.  Oh, and check out the video for this tune; it’s shows what appears to be a day in the life of MFB.



Soulful Hit from Cool Ghouls

LP_FrontCover_350While reading the press release for Cool Ghouls the name Tim Cohen was mentioned; that sold me from the get-go, but the song itself pushed my fandom even further.  On their new single, the band combines psychedelia elements with true country tunes, all the while piling up some great musical accompaniment to fill out their sound.  It’s a song with soul and swagger all in one, keeping things interesting for all of those taking the time to enjoy great music.  On April 23rd, the band will release their self-titled record via Empty Cellar Records, so keep that on your radar if you know what’s good for you.


Download: Cool Ghouls – Grace [MP3]

Golden Grrrls – s/t

gg frontRating: ★★★★☆

Sometimes things just feel right, and that’s precisely the feeling I get whenever I play the self-titled album from Golden Grrrls.  With warm weather hitting my city, I needed something that would be both energetic and creative, and this album fits neatly into that box.  Bring on the Spring, and bring on more spins of this record.

“New Pop” opens up the album for this Glaswegian trio, and there’s not a better way to start things off than by combining multi-part vocal (male and female) harmonies.  The distorted guitar, the cymbal play and the frenetic pace of the vocal delivery provides a perfect beginning for one of the brightest records of the year.  And it doesn’t stop when Golden Grrrls move into “Past Tense.”  There’s definitely a bit of a more folk feeling bubbling underneath this track, with less distortion being pushed to the front of the mix; it’s probably one of the tracks that wears the badge of Flying Nun Records influences. Ruari’s vocal appearance during the chorus might actually steal the show a bit, but the whole tune’s simply splendid.

Almost every track provides listeners with something to tap their toes to, even when they choose to go in a softer direction.  “Wrld Peace,” for instance, maintains the warm aesthetic of the multi-part harmonies, but the rolling movement of the drums on this song really stands out to me.  After going back over the record again, I realized that the drums standout on almost every track, at least in some regard, but there’s some many layers of sound going on in each track, that occasionally your attention drifts elsewhere…just be sure to give the drumming some props! Sometimes, all three members join in to offer counterattacking vocal parts, like on “Date It,” which might have been why I drifted away from the superb percussion.  You’ve got to have a careful ear to catch everything going on, which I think is one of the many successes within Golden Grrrls; the formula might appear simple at first, but the subtleties of the craftsmanship really is what allows for repeated listens.  You’ll find that same approach on almost every song.

But, that might be a drawback for some, as many of the songs can bleed together just a bit.  Still, it’s a slight blemish on an otherwise marvelous listen.  You’re not going to find a bad track on this record; it’s simply not possible.  There’s casual tracks of summery pop like “We’ve Got” or there are songs that grab you energetically from the get go such as “Take Your Time,” and they all give you a sense of inner joy.  For my two cents, the record is refreshing, taking a popular format, adding more harmonies and a little bit more focus.  It makes Golden Grrrls one of my favorite acts of the moment, and I’m sure it’ll be yours too.


Golden Grrrls is out now on Slumberland Records.



New Rocker from Black Lizard

BLACKLIZARD_promopic1Late last year I brought you news of the great signing by Soliti Music, Black Lizard, offering us a dark bit of psychedelic folk.  This time, the group returns with a new single for their self-titled album…and it’s got a similar sound, though one that has a little bit more of a hazier coat of noise atop it.  Their album will be available from the label on April 5th, and it even has a little help from Anton Newcombe.  I have a feeling that once this is out, it’s really going to make its way overseas and create a huge stir in the States.  Good thing we were here first!


Download: BLACK LIZARD – Love Is A Lie [MP3]

Gritty Gem from The Living Eyes

artworks-000040370353-zsrb68-t500x500I’ll continue my fascination with Australia today by tossing out this rad tune from The Living Eyes.  On April 1st the group will be releasing their self-titled record with help from Anti-Fade and Z-Man Records.  Unlike a lot of their Aussie peers, there’s more of a garage-rock, blues-oriented groove at play in this track. I like the control of the vocals, as I’ve seen many a band throw that wayward howl into similar sounding jams.  Just goes to show you all that rock n’ roll is alive and gritty all around the good old globe.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

New Tunes from People Get Ready

We’re slowly recovering from an extensive weekend at Austin City Limits, so I’m grateful that we’ve got this solid track from People Get Ready for you to enjoy.  It begins with a slow steady rhythm, and it builds and builds, but only briefly erupts near the end of the song.  It’s interesting to say the least, but it’s got a light spirit to it, which is exactly what my body needs today; I’m sure everyone leaving or living in Austin agrees!  You can check out the group’s self-titled album when it hits stores on October 23rd.


Download:People Get Ready – Middle Name [MP3]

New Psych Tune from Wooden Indian Burial Ground

One of the my favorite things about listening to psych rock, at least as it stands today, is the way the lyrics are sometimes delivered–sort of brought to you by angst ridden Halloween heroes.  That’s the feeling I get when I listen to this new tune from Wooden Indian Burial Ground, who I’ve recently taken a liking to.  Musically, they sound similar to the jams that Thee Oh Sees might toss out in a live setting, using cutting guitar solos and screaming walls of feedback.  This is definitely more forceful than a lot of the psych fare out there, which might be just the reason I’m digging it so much. They’re debut self-titled album is out October 30th via Mon Amie.


Download:Wooden Indian Burial Ground – Sparklerella [MP3]

Awesome Track from Island Twins

Island Twins just released their self-titled album a short bit ago, and it’s finally making its way into my daily rotation.  Man, this is one helluva listen.  I wanted to give you this track from the band to illustrate the trio’s songwriting power.  It begins in an almost fay manner, sort of like you’re being asked to go on some otherworldly journey.  However, out of nowhere it just blasts off into this explosive chorus full of noise and distortion, only to return quietly.  It’s almost as if the song itself is meant to accompany the story line from the lyrics, but I’m just pushing my own agenda there I’m sure.  No matter, this band is rad. Check it out.


Download: Island Twins – The Wolfs Lair [MP3]


New Psych Jangler from Allah Las

A bit ago I brought you a sweet gem from Allah Las, a California group with an homage to the classic psychedelia of their home state.  Well, lucky for you, the group is nearing the release of their self-titled album, which comes out on September 18 via Innovative Leisure.  Again, the group is tossing back their sound, and that guitar sounds so incredible coming through the speakers.  I can’t really see a lot of modern bands giving the sound this kind of classicism, which proves to me that this group really has something special going on in their tunes.  It’s not a rehash; it’s a re-imagining and it sounds great.


Download: Allah-Las – Don’t You Forget It [MP3]


Another Gem from Arc in Round

In late April I brought you one of the tunes off of Arc in Round‘s self-titled album, and since the record just came out this week, we’re going to toss up another gem for you get behind. This tune is called “One-Sided,” and I love the way the guitar discordantly works in the background, fighting for space with the lofty female vocals (which have a unique echo effect).  Once again, the group’s used some great texturing to their work, creating a sound that’s definitely pop-centric, but shows the abilities of band’s that can incorporate layer upon layer to create gems such as this.


Download:Arc in Round – One-Sided [MP3]

You can get the S/T album from La Societe Expeditionnaire.

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